How to Recover PSP Memory Stick Data?

Memory Stick is among the best used flash storage device to hoard various digital media data like videos, images, etc. on different gadgets. One such gadget on which Memory Stick is being used to hold data is PlayStation Portable (PSP) game console. PSP is the best companion of game lovers as the console is easily portable, has large display screen, embedded with robust multi-media capabilities and offers vivid games.

Sony PSP has inbuilt Universal Media Disc (UMD) format as its primary storage medium and its storage capacity can be extended further with the usage of Sony Memory Stick. Also, user can save various game related videos, pictures, etc. on Sony Memory Stick for further usage. Unfortunately, as it is a fact that no storage device is 100% secure from data crisis, there are instances that lead to loss of data from Memory Stick of PSP game console.

Given below are the most commonly seen scenarios of data loss from PSP Memory Stick:

  • Erasing files from Memory Stick after connecting it to your Mac computer can lead to deletion of essential files from the storage device
  • Corruption of Memory Stick on PSP console due to harmful virus intrusion, file system corruption and other logical errors will all result in inaccessibility of files from Memory Stick
  • Improper usage of Memory Stick like abrupt removal from PSP console or from Mac computer while any data activity is in process, frequently using same Memory Stick on different gadgets or different operating systems, can also lead to unavailability of files from that Memory Stick
  • Formatting PSP Memory Stick without backing up necessary videos and other data from it will render absolute loss of entire data from the storage device

In all the above circumstances, data from PSP Memory Stick may escape or become unreachable from the storage device. Fortunately, it is still possible to extract all your essential data from corrupted or formatted Memory Stick with the use or reliable data recovery tool.

Best utility for PSP Memory Stick data recovery on Mac OS X:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is the proficient and excellent tool to pull out all types of files from PSP Memory Stick after unfriendly data disasters. The software can easily recognize file types like JPG, IMG, PNG, PIC, MOV, AVI, MP4, M4V, MPG, AMR, AIFF, WAV and many more from Memory Stick of Sony, Lexar, SanDisk, Transcend, etc. One can effortlessly bring back media files and other office files from memory cards, USB drive, system hard drive, portable hard drive, etc. after deletion or loss of files. Also, it assist to do compact flash memory card recovery on Mac system. Additionally, the software supports recovery of files from FAT, HFS and HFS+ formatted storage devices on Mac machines with Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion OS X versions.

Follow these steps to get back files from PSP Memory Stick:

  • Connect your PSP Memory Stick to a healthy Macintosh machine using proper connectivity
  • Download Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software on to that OS X machine
  • Then install the software and run it to trigger photo recovery process
  • Main screen holds two options, i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Click for appropriate option based on data loss situation
  • Now, from the list of volumes present on screen, select the volume that represents Memory Stick from which files have to rescued
  • Next, select the file types that you wish to recover or simply skip the step
  • Software performs a scan on Memory Stick and results with a list of recoverable files
  • Toggle between Data view and File Type view options to glance at the list of retrievable files
  • View required image files using Preview option prior to saving these files
  • Then, proceed to save all necessary files to new destination location on system drive by clicking on Save
  • You can also save these retrieved files on to other external storage drive and CD/ DVD too, but not to the same PSP Memory Stick on which recovery was performed

Safety Measures:

  • Always have recurrent backup of necessary data from PSP memory Stick on other external storage devices
  • Do not perform unnecessary deletion of files, formatting of Memory Stick without need
  • Avoid mishandling the Memory Stick while using it on PSP console or on other gadgets