CR2 Image Recovery on Mac

Canon is among the most popular DSLR camera used among thousands of photographers, well known for its friendly, comfortable and stylish features. The camera was also considered as a safe medium to store and preserve photos files. Hence people captured and stored many of their precious pictures on these digital cameras. However many a times user found it difficult to access their CR2 images files from their Canon. The main reason behind this could be Canon memory card corruption. So if you have lost valuable photos of CR2 format from Canon camera, there is no need to get upset. Just read out this article and find the solution.

What are Canon CRW and CR2 Images?

Canon camera use CRW and CR2 RAW image file formats to save captured pictures. RAW image file refers to file which contain minimal processed data from image sensor of a digital camera. Sometimes, these CRW and CR2 files are also called electronic negatives.

How are Canon CRW and CR2 photo files lost?

With the popularity of Canon digital camera, problems from this device have also increased which results in photo deletion / loss. Some of the prominent reasons for photo loss from Canon camera include:

All the above mentioned disastrous scenarios result in CR2 file loss, however users don’t need to worry about missing images, because CR2 / CRW image files from Canon SD card can be recovered with the help of a accurate photo recovery tool.

How can you get back deleted CR2 photos on Mac?

Deleted and lost CR2 pictures can be retrieved easily, because when you delete CR2 photos from memory card or Mac system, the CR2 files itself isn’t deleted. Just the index entry related to the photo file is removed and its space is marked as free. As long as the space of these files marked free are not overwritten by any new data, photo recovery software easily helps you in retrieval of CR2 and CRW files.

CR2 Camera Recovery Software:

Yodot Mac Photo Recovery is an amazing digital camera recovery tool Mac using which you can restore all deleted and lost CR2 and CRW files from your Canon digital camera. This tool is specially build to search and retrieve multimedia files such as audio, video, pictures, etc form memory cards and other storage media. Moreover, software supports retrieval of RAW images such as CR2, CRW, NEF, DNG, PXN, RAW, KDC and many more from all popular brands of digital cameras including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Fuji, Olympus, Kodak and others on Mac OS.

Steps to perform CR2 image recovery:


  • Once you find any of your CR2 files missing, it is suggested to stop using your Canon memory card to capture or store any new photo files which result in overwriting
  • Use an UPS device to avoid photo loss due to sudden power failure while files from Canon camera to Mac system

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