Retrieving Screenshots on Mac

“Hi, I had saved few confidential screenshots on my Mac computer. As I was feeling data insecurity on my Mac system, I moved those screenshots to my online account so that I could access them anytime from wherever I want. But now, all the screenshots on Mac system are gone forever. I thought I had transferred data; I did not move some screenshots and deleted them from Mac. Please help me with a solution to retrieve deleted screenshots on Mac.”

You might have read many stories like above. If the data in screenshots is too confidential and important, then you should get it back. You can restore your Screenshots on Mac till the memory location where those screenshots are saved won’t get overwritten with new data. You must stop using Mac system for saving new data to avoid data overwriting and use suitable file retrieval software. Screenshots on Macintosh system may get lost or deleted in several instances as listed below:

Mac screenshots recovery software:

Users need not worry after losing their vital screenshots from Macintosh system, because it is possible to retrieve lost or deleted Mac screenshots using Mac Photo Recovery software after any of the above mentioned scenarios. This tool can detect screenshots in PNG or any other file format easily on Macintosh machine. You can get back media files including RAW images, photos, videos, audio files and other file formats from Mac systems installed with Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems. This program helps you to get back media files lost or erased from iMac, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Preview the recovered media files for your satisfaction using demo version and activate the software for saving recovered screenshots.

Procedural details to recover screenshots on Mac:


  • Save a copy of screenshots on Mac computer to any reliable external drive to use them in emergency
  • Schedule regular backup of Mac files so that you will not lose your screenshots

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