Resolve Outlook File Access is Denied OST Error

“I use Outlook for my daily office schedules with Exchange Server 2010. And recently I added another mailbox to my Outlook and created two profiles. But, when I try to open the recently added profile an error gets displayed. It says, “File access is denied. You do not have permission required to access the file C:\..........\*.ost”. Anyone knows about what this error is and how to fix it? Please suggest me the proper method to access my data now. Thanks in advance.”

Microsoft Outlook is an amazing email client most widely used among organizations to manage the mail accounts of its employees. And Outlook users create Offline data file called OST which is a replica of mailbox box data in Exchange Server, so that data can be easily accessed and modified in offline mode too. But, Outlook OST file may become inaccessible due to various reasons by showing error messages like, “File access is denied.ost”

Why does access to Outlook OST file gets denied?

The reason behind inaccessibility of OST file due to error, file access denied may be due to improper integrity and consistency of OST file. While creating new profile on Outlook, user may perform unknown logical errors due to which the OST file error gets displayed. Also, if the path of the created .ost file is not correct or if the file is marked as Read-only, then also Outlook error message “file access is denied.ost” gets displayed.

How to fix error file access is denied OST?

This error of Outlook OST data file can be repaired by following any of the following methods:

In any of these cases, if the OST file is not fixed then convert the erratic OST file to PST by making use of secured third party OST converter program. One of the best and most recommended software to switch Outlook OST to PST file is mentioned below.

Excellent OST to PST converter program:

Yodot OST to PST Converter is the best used converter program that will fix all the issues of inaccessible, corrupt and damaged OST files and safely convert it to PST format. This application eradicates the error code of the OST file and then converts it to PST wherein, all the Outlook attributes will be easily accessible again. The software is best used to repair and convert Outlook OST files on MS Exchange Servers like 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions on major Windows operated systems.

Working procedure of fixing OST file access denied error:

Important Note:

  • While creating a new profile on Outlook make sure to follow correct procedure
  • Have sufficient knowledge about the configuration and file settings while using OST file
  • Do check for proper Exchange Server and network connectivity before performing any tasks in Outlook OST file

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