OST to PST Converter Software

Microsoft Outlook is the best application among various other tools that are available for the purpose of communication among the personals of an organization. With the help of highly advanced features installed within Outlook application, the user can perform many tasks like sending or receiving mails, maintain contact list in a particular order, take notes, mark events on calendar quite easily.

All the information like the mails, contacts and other data related to the particular account can be stored in a single file called as PST (Personal Storage Table). There is another type of file that is present along this Outlook application called as Offline Storage Table abbreviated as OST, which also supports storage of data. This offline storage file is present in Outlook application that is installed in Exchange Server. The specialty of Offline Storage Table is that you can send or receive the mails even when you are offline.

Now, let’s get to know about the purpose of using OST to PST converter tool, which converts OST file to PST. This OST to PST converter is used by many people when their OST file gets damaged, corrupted or deleted which causes an abrupt halt to their work. Once this happens, the user in no way can get access to data in OST file. First there is no need to get upset as the entire data will be present at the server sides OST file and hence by converting it to respective PST file you can access its data. Now all that needs to be done is to copy the OST file into the system and use appropriate converter tool and convert OST to PST file for accessing the required information.

Best Features of Converter Tool

When it comes to converting OST file to PST, then Yodot OST to PST Converter is the best tool available. It comes with unique features that are not present in other applications which perform the same task. One of the best advantages of using this tool is that it is read only software that gets your OST file and converts it to respective PST without causing any change to other applications that are present during the conversion process. With the help of this tool, you can easily convert even the OST file that got damaged due to certain reasons. Once the OST file is converted, you can use the PST repair tool to fix the converted PST file. Using the simple graphical user interface installed in this system, even the novice user won’t find any difficulty in performing the conversion task.

Steps for performing OST to PST file conversion:

  • Download and install Yodot OST to PST Converter tool in the system
  • To install the product you must be logged in as Local System Administrator
  • There will be shortcut icon placed on the desktop through which you can launch the application
  • On the main screen, you will be provided with two buttons “Open PST File” and “Find OST File”
  • Click on Open OST File option and if you don’t know the location of OST file the click on Find OST File which will guide you in finding the location of the OST file
  • Once the OST file gets selected, the user will be asked for the destination location where the PST file should be stored
  • After selecting the destination path click on the Convert button that converts the respective OST file
  • As soon as the conversion process gets completed, the user will get the confirmation message that the process is completed


  • Use compatible application to convert OST file to PST
  • Install antivirus program to prevent virus infection
  • Avoid abruptly exiting the Outlook application