Retrieve Emails from OST File after Exchange Server Crash?

MS Outlook works in co-ordinate with Microsoft Exchange Server. The organizations that are relayed on Microsoft infrastructure implement MS Exchange Server for establishing email communication through Outlook application. Exchange Server stores users mailbox in a database file name called Exchange Database (.edb) file.

If anything goes wrong with Exchange database file such as if database file gets corrupted or Exchange Server gets crashed, then the email communication gets affected until the database file is not repopulated. Damage of the Exchange Server puts a jerk in the life of Outlook users, as they cannot communicate further or cannot access their emails, contacts, notes etc. At this moment, if complete backup of Exchange database is available then problem can be easily fixed without putting much effort. But, the situation can become worse if the backup is not available or the backup file is also damaged.

The wonderful feature of Microsoft Exchange Server is it creates a backup copy of user’s mailbox on their computer that is synchronized with Outlook application. The backup copy of user’s mailboxes is created in the form of OST file on user’s computer, which contains every email, notes, contacts, drafts etc. By using the OST file stored on user’s computer, it is possible to recover emails and other related items. The only issue with OST file is it cannot be directly accessed with Outlook as the Outlook only supports PST file not OST file. Don’t worry, you can access OST file on Outlook by converting OST file to PST and it can be opened with MS Outlook.

Here you might come up with question like how OST file can be converted into PST and answer for that is Yodot OST to PST converter tool. If you want to know more about this conversion software and how to use it on your Windows PC, then go through the article till the end.

Best OST to PST file conversion utility:

Yodot OST to PST Converter is a sophisticated utility that enables users to access emails, attachments, contacts, journals, calendar items, drafts, sent items, etc of inaccessible OST files by converting the OST file into PST file format. It proficiently converts an OST file into PST even if Exchange Server has got corrupt, user’s account has been lost and user’s account on Exchange Server has been accidentally deleted. By making use of this utility, you can convert and repair severely corrupted or healthy OST file to PST file format which is accessible by Microsoft Outlook application. This application is fully compatible with all versions of MS Outlook and Exchange Server on Windows operating system.

How to use OST to PST file conversion tool on Windows system?

  • Download and install Yodot OST to PST Converter software on your Windows PC
  • Launch the software either by using shortcut or from Start menu
  • In main screen you get two options i.e. “Open OST File“ and “Find OST File”
  • Select “Open OST File” if you know where exactly the OST file is located in the computer
  • Else, select “Find OST File” if you don’t know the exact location of OST file on the system
  • In next screen you can browse for destination path to store the converted OST file
  • Click on “Convert” button to start conversion process
  • After conversion, you will receive a confirmation message like “OST file conversion completed”
  • Then open the Outlook application and import the newly created PST file to regain your Outlook profile

Useful Tips:

  • Install good security application to protect OST file from virus infection
  • If you encounter any issues with OST file, then first run Scanost.exe application to fix the problem
  • Better you keep an additional copy of OST file on some other storage medium