Solve Outlook Sync Errors after Migrating MS-Exchange Mailbox

When you move your Exchange Server mailbox across administrative group? You should keep in mind that the MS Outlook profile associated with mailbox will no longer work properly.

The mailbox Server might refer MS Outlook to right Server after moving the mailbox; however this process doesn’t work for Exchange Server mailboxes which are moved across administrative groups. Migration of Exchange Server can be done with the ExProfre.exe tool. But under some circumstance, when the ExProfre.exe tool migrate the Exchanger Server user profile, it results in numerous synchronization issues. These synchronization error messages appear in the event log. In such pathetic situation, you may face problems while converting OST file into PST file. To overcome these situations a third-party OST to PST converter tool is needed. With the help of third-party converter application you will be able to convert OST to PST with much ease

Let us discuss what kind of synchronization errors occurs when you use ExProfre.exe tool to migrate a user profile of MS Exchange Server:

  • Numerous synchronization errors occur on screen. You can see these errors in synchronization log
  • Synchronization of organizational forms does not occur. As a result, messages requiring organizational form gets displayed without form data
  • Synchronization of security settings of Microsoft Outlook doesn’t occur. So, if new public folder applies new security settings, then these settings remain unavailable
  • Synchronization of favorite folders of public folder cannot be done. All the items contained in that folder remain unsynchronized.


The above problem occurs due to entryid values. Entryid values are the values that Microsoft Outlook application uses to locate public folders. But the value get changes when you migrate Exchange mailbox. OST file does not get updated using ExProfre.exe tool. Thus, new entryid values are not found by the OST file.


You can easily ignore this issue if the below conditions are true:

  • Organizational forms are not used by the clients
  • There is no need for customized settings of Outlook
  • Favorites stored in public folder are not used by the clients

Otherwise, create a new MS Outlook profile and later connect it to the migrated MS-Exchange Server mailbox. For doing this, you must manually convert OST file into PST file and then connect it to Microsoft Outlook mailbox profile. For manually converting OST file you must use a third-party OST to PST Converter tool. With the aid of Yodot OST to PST Converter, you can easily convert unusable OST file to usable PST file.

About OST to PST converter utility:

Yodot OST to PST Converter is the most efficient utility to perfectly convert inaccessible OST file to a readable PST file. Usually most of the email application users use Yodot OST to PST Converter to convert OST file into PST file and fixes issues in OST file during conversion. This application is capable of resolving synchronization errors that are encountered after migrating MS-Exchange Server mailbox. It is a read-only tool that doesn’t modify the original OST file during conversion process; rather it reads the source file and converts it into a new healthy PST file. By using this utility you can convert and repair severely corrupted or healthy OST file to PST file format which is accessible by Microsoft Outlook application. This software is fully compatible with all versions of MS Outlook and Exchange Server on Windows operating system.

Steps for using Yodot OST to PST Converter software:

  • Download and install Yodot OST to PST Converter software on your Windows PC
  • Launch the software either by using shortcut or from Start menu
  • In main screen you get two options i.e. “Open OST File“ and “Find OST File”
  • Select “Open OST File” if you know where exactly the OST file is located in the computer
  • Else, select “Find OST File” if you don’t know the exact location of OST file on the system
  • In next screen, you can browse for destination path to store the converted OST file
  • Click on “Convert” button to start conversion process
  • After conversion, you will receive a confirmation message like “OST file conversion completed”
  • Then open the Outlook application and import the newly created PST file to regain your Outlook profile

Useful Tips:

  • After migrating the Exchange mailbox cross check the entryid, it may get changed while moving
  • Take precautionary measures while migrating your MS-Exchange Server mailbox