How to Recover Pictures off Asus Tablet?

“Hi, I own an Asus Tablet to do all my computer tasks like preparing presentations for seminars, creating Word documents, receiving / sending emails, video chats and so on using its more interactive touch screen. Asus Tablet has high resolution camera to capture photos with excellent clarity. Thus I had captured number of beautiful images using Tablet that were saved in its storage memory. But recently, when I was navigating through pictures on Asus Tablet; I accidentally deleted set of important photos due to wrong touch. How can I recover deleted photos from Asus Tablet? Please help.”

This might be a situation with many Tablet users. Asus Tablet is the world’s most used Tablet computer that operates with Windows OS. This mobile computer is more convenient than regular laptop and hence it is mostly used by students and other professionals. Using this Tablet, one can capture photos, creating MS Office files, recording videos, sending emails and many more. However, valuable pictures saved on Asus Tablet internal memory or external SD card can be lost at crucial times due to unexpected deletion.

What are the Major Scenarios of Photo Deletion from Asus Tablet?

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Asus Tablet?

When pictures are deleted from Asus Tablet it is nearly impossible to restore back the photos manually. Eventually, if user makes use of alternative photo retrieval software then erased photos can be retrieved back in short period of time. One such utility is Yodot Photo Recovery software that can effectively restore deleted photos from Asus Tablet.

Amazing key features of Yodot Photo Recovery tool:

This software is engineered with technologically advanced recovery modules to recognize and regain almost all photo file types like JPEG, PNG, PSD, IMG, PIC, TIFF, GIF, NEF, CR2, SR2, PEF, FFF, BMP, DNG, RAW, etc. Along with photo files, this tool can rescue audios and videos of various file formats from Asus Tablet. It can accomplish deleted photo recovery from laptop hard drive (also desktop hard drive), external hard drive, USB flash drive, SSD, memory cards and other storage devices formatted with FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 and ReFS file systems. This picture recovery program is capable of retrieving media files from iPod, music players, PlayStation hard drives, etc. that are compatible on Windows computer. One can use this tool on Windows 10/11, all previous versions PC / laptop / Tablet.

Simple Steps to Rescue Deleted Images from Asus Tablet:

Tips to Avoid Losing Photos from Asus Tablet:

  • Do not erase any photo file from Asus Tablet without proper confirmation.
  • Periodically backup necessary files including important images from Asus Tablet to external storage devices.

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