Recover Pictures from Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera?

Let us assume a scenario: You used Kodak EasyShare DSLR camera to capture brilliant photos of your friends and family. The photos you captured were stored on the cameras SD card; you connected the camera device to computer in order to transfer those photos. But after connection when you tried to access the drive an error message popped up saying, “The disk drive D:\ is not formatted, would you like to format now”. The message indicated that the memory card needs to be formatted before it can be used, you tried connecting the same memory card on different computers, but the outcome was the same you had no choice but to click on yes button. After which all the photo files which were saved on your Kodak EasyShare camera were lost, now you are very upset and are looking for a way to recover those photos.

Kodak EasyShare DSLR camera is one of the most compact and stylish camera model manufactured by Kodak. This cameras are small, have high resolution, good lens quality and image processors. These cameras use KDC Raw format to store images. Since these cameras offer so many features people often use this device to capture photos on holidays and vacations, many not knowing that the photos stored on this device is not 100% secure and photo loss can occur at anytime. Some of the prominent reasons for loss of photo form Kodak camera are as explained below:

  • Human Mistakes: Human mistakes like unintentional deletion of photos or other media file is one of the most common reason for photo loss from  Kodak Easyshare digital camera
  • Format Errors: Computer displaying formatting error messages as soon as you connect your Kodak camera to your computer
  • File System Corruption: Memory card used in Kodak Easyshare can get corrupted due to virus / malware attacks on card
  • Wrong Usage: Removing the memory card from the camera during “Read / write” or copying process
  • Transfer Error: Interruption while transferring photo files from Kodak Easyshare camera to PC or vice versa

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there are numerous other causes for photo loss. However, these lost or deleted photo files can be retrieved back with the help of a good media file recovery tool.

Which photo recovery tool to use?

You can use Yodot Photo Recovery (Windows) software to get back all deleted, lost or missing pictures from your Kodak Easyshare DSLR camera. The tool thoroughly scans your DSLR cameras memory card and retrieves all identified photo files formats from it. Other than photos, this tool has potential to restore other media files like videos, movies, songs, etc from Kodak Easyshare. Along with Kodak, you will be able to retrieve images from various brands of DSLR cameras like Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic and so on. Recovering photos from hard drives, iPods, flash memory cards, digital media players, USB drives etc is possible with the help of Yodot photo recovery software.

How to use the software

  • Connect your Kodak DSLR camera via USB cable or card reader to your computer
  • Download the software and install the application to your Windows computer
  • Open the software by clicking on desktop shortcut or from “Start” menu
  • The main screen displays two options, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • “Deleted Photo Recovery” option helps you to restore your deleted photo files and
  • “Lost Photo Recovery” option helps you to retrieve lost photo files
  • The software scans and displays all the logical and external drives present in the system
  • Select the drive from which represents your Kodak DSLR camera
  • The application repeats the scanning process and displays all the picture files which can be recovered
  • Choose the photo files which you want to retrieve back
  • You can also make use of “Preview” option to preview your picture files
  • Finally, browse for the destination location to save your rescued photo files
  • The tool also allows you to save your rescued files to any external device like pen drive, external hard drive, CDs and even on DVDs


  • Don’t use your Kodak Easyshare camera to capture or store any new photos after data loss situation
  • Use “write protect” knob in your memory card, to avoid unintentional deletion or format
  • Use an UPS device to prevent data loss due to sudden power failure
  • Backup your important photo files before performing delete or format operation

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