Resolve Error PowerPoint 2007 Cannot Open the Specified File

It happened this way; my cousin created some PowerPoint files at his work place. Once they were created, he saved it on his USB drive and transferred it to my laptop. When we tried to access those presentation files on my laptop, some error message got displayed. It goes this way “error PowerPoint 2007 cannot open the specified file”. Assuming it to be system error I restarted the laptop, but the error presumed again. What to do now? The PowerPoint presentation was created in a week’s time. How to undo the error and access the file contents? Please do spare some thoughts! Thanks”

Microsoft Office 2007 PowerPoint as we all know is the highly recommended utility that is used to create files presentations without giving any second thought; this is because its advanced features and easily to use list of options enables even a new user to create best presentations without facing any trouble. However, at times this PowerPoint file throws errors upon trying to access its contents. There are various problems that can be included, get to know briefly about the scenarios that cause MS PowerPoint 2007 error cannot open the specified file:

These errors keep generating every now and then and Microsoft PowerPoint users have found it difficult to overcome them without proper guidance. Hence here we have efficient PPT Repair program that has entire set of amazing features which can easily accomplish the task of fixing error showing PowerPoint 2007 file efficiently in a minimum duration of time.

How to fix PowerPoint 2007 error cannot open the specified file?

Yodot PPT Repair is the most suggested application when a damaged Microsoft PowerPoint PPTX, PPT and PPS file has to be repaired on Windows system. The software fixes PowerPoint 2007 presentation file and gets back all objects of PowerPoint 2007 files such as clip arts, tables, hyperlinks, pictures, sound effects, animations, etc. without missing even a single bit of information. Apart from repairing Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 error “Cannot open the specified file”, this repair program can also easily fix other types of errors that get generated as a result of damaged / virus infected MS PowerPoint file. This repair program can be easily installed on various PCs or laptops running with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Simple steps to fix error PowerPoint 2007 cannot open the specified file:

Things to keep in mind:

  • Maintain proper network connection before upgrading your Microsoft PowerPoint application
  • An antivirus application is a must in any system
  • Its better if you maintain proper backup of important PowerPoint files on separate storage media

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