How to Fix Error Adobe Photoshop Failed to Initialize?

“Adobe Photoshop saved on my Windows computer has started behaving strangely. When I click upon it to open, it displays an error message that ‘could not load actions because an unexpected end of file was encountered’. If I click on “OK’ option provided below this message, I get another error message that ‘Could not initialize Photoshop because the preferences file was invalid’. I am not able to view edited photos due to these error messages. Is there any method that will help me to fix this issue?

Adobe Photoshop is a popular photo editing tool and most of the users prefer it to get better results associated with pictures. However, sometimes you will get failed to initialize error message while working with Photoshop file on your Windows or Mac computer. This error message encounters when preference files of Photoshop is corrupted. But one can resolve this issue by going through few steps which are as follows:

If you are using Mac computer then go to your home folder followed by “User Library Folder”. Now go to “Preference folder” and you will find “Adobe Photoshop settings” folder with the version you are using. Just delete the folder and then try to open Photoshop file. In case you are using Windows system then click on start button at the bottom of left hand corner. Type %appdata% in the search box and then press “Enter”. You will see different folder; click on “Adobe” folder and then delete “Adobe Photoshop settings” folder. You will now be able to open and access edited photos in Photoshop file. In case you keep getting error message then it is not a minor issue; your Photoshop file is severely corrupted which can be fixed by utilizing apposite PSD repair software.

Tool to fix Adobe Photoshop Failed to Initialize Error message:

Yodot PSD Repair software is the powerful application which will instantly resolve the error adobe Photoshop failed to initialize and thereby bring back corrupted Photoshop file to normal state. The usage of the software is very easy just select the file and then press on “Repair” option, your PSD file will be automatically fixed. Apart from fixing PSD file, you can also resolve any corruption issues related to PDD file. One can use this software to fix Photoshop CS5 file which crashes when opening, unsupported color mode CMYK error, PSD not opening error, unexpected end of file error, Photoshop scratch disk error, Photoshop file is empty error, not a valid Photoshop document error and so on without damaging original structure of PSD file.

Directions to eliminate failed to initialize error message in Photoshop:

Valuable Points:

  • Photoshop failed to initialize message usually occurs when Photoshop file is not closed properly so make sure that you exit Photoshop by using proper way
  • Always keep backup of important PSD files in a safe and accessible location other than the source one

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