Repair Photoshop Error Preferences File Was Invalid

“Hi all, I am in a big trouble! Every time when I launch Adobe Photoshop, it shows error message ‘Cannot not initialize because the preferences file is invalid’ and fail to load file. Hopefully, I tried re-installing Photoshop, but error is still popping out. How can I resolve this problem? Many thanks for suggestions!”

Adobe Photoshop is a widely accepted graphic editing utility for business or personal use. It is revolutionary program for processing and creating quality images. While performing operations on Photoshop, often professionals as well as amateur users can commit mistakes that may result in Photoshop error “Preferences file is invalid” next time when you launch the Photoshop file. Luckily, user can resolve such errors easily by making some changes on Adobe Photoshop settings. You can try following tricks to fix preferences file is invalid error in Photoshop:

By practicing above described manual way to reset preferences settings, you can resolve Photoshop preferences file was invalid error. But if it is impermanent solution and user is not comfortable with setting implementations, it may cause further corruption to the Photoshop files. That’s why; Adobe Photoshop professionals always suggest users to repair errors in Photoshop with the help of any skilled Photoshop file repair utility.

Program to fix error in Photoshop!

Yodot PSD Repair is designed to aim instant fixing of Photoshop file showing error “Preferences file was invalid”. It is a complete solution to tackle and resolve various errors which may prevent PSD file to be loaded on Photoshop. An automated tool that is empowered with read-only scanning technology to offer safe and easy resolution to all possible errors related to Photoshop preferences file in just a fraction of time. You can use this application to fix Photoshop preferences file is invalid error on different versions of Adobe Photoshop application for example 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 on Mac OS X and Windows operated systems. Additionally, it is a prime solution to repair PSD and PDD having different color modes like RGB, CMYK, Gray-Scale, Bitmap and Lab color etc. that are not responding after virus infection, application crash and file corruption issues.

Guidelines to use the application:

Useful Safety Measures

  • Always employ a professional and trusted utility to convert PSD file to other image file format
  • Save proper backup of Photoshop files on other storage device
  • Keep updating your Adobe Photoshop with latest definitions
  • Don’t terminate or restart Photoshop app while working on PSD file

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