Repairing Photoshop Can’t Save File Already in Use

“When I try to save a PSD file I get the following error message - Could not save (file name) because the file is already in use or left open. I know for sure the file is not open anywhere other than Photoshop. I am getting this message on other PSD files as well. I didn’t face this problem until recently updated to Snow Leopard OS X and I use Photoshop CS4. Is there any help to fix the problem?”

The reason for such an error can be anything from code error in OS to another application using it. So, you never know what caused the error. Here are some workarounds based on the causes to fix the 'PSD file cannot save. file already in use' error in Mac.

Causes and Their Fixes:

File open in InDesign: if you have opened an image in InDesign(INDD) for editing, then file left open or in use is a common issue. The fix here is to go to InDesign, relocate the image by putting everything back. Now go back to Photoshop and try saving the file again. If this doesn’t work, close INDD file and save again.

Another application might be using the file: This is a simple workaround. Create a new user account and start Photoshop, only Photoshop and try saving the file. That’s because to check if maybe some third-party application you installed on your system might be causing the issue.

Open in Preview: You might have chosen to open the preview in the Finder before you actually open in Photoshop. For this, deselect the file in Finder and try saving the PSD file. Or go to Photoshop, open Preferences and then File Handling. Uncheck the icon below the Image Previews – Always save. It maybe because this icon might be clashing with Finder’s own icon creation, therefore Finder is not letting the file to be saved.

OS X Update: If you have updated to Snow Leopard, try deactivating the Spotlight, as some bugs were reported in Spotlight, hence preventing you from saving the file. If possible, try reinstalling the older OS X and if the problem still persists.

Save as: Last but not the least, an easy workaround is to use “Save as”. If this works, you can rename the second file and delete the first one.

If you have tried all of the above and none solved the problem and instead, resulted in PSD file corruption due to saving multiple times. Well, there is sure shot solution – Yodot PSD Repair tool.

Reliable PSD Repair Tool to fix Photoshop file:

Yodot PSD Repair tool is designed to repair severely corrupted or damaged .PSD, .PDD and .PSB files. Fixes PSD files developed using Photoshop CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS1 and CS. Repairs PSD files with a depth of 32, 16, 8 and 1 bit per channel. Aids in Adobe CS6 file repair when Photoshop not working, scratch disk error and other error codes. The software has two download versions, one for Mac and the other for Windows OS.

Instructions to Repair Photoshop file after error - Could Not Save File Already in Use:

Points to remember:

  • While trying to edit or fix any Photoshop file do not work on original copy, always use duplicate copy of the file
  • Do not force shut down the application when the file in use. This may lead to corruption of the PSD

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