Repairing Error Photoshop Cannot Read Composite Data

“I thought of repairing a Photoshop file would be very simple, but this is was not true. When I downloaded some PSD repair software to mend my damaged PSD file that gave error as ‘Photoshop cannot read composite data’ and that file was further corrupted. What should I do now? I have spent lot of time creating PSD file; I don’t want to lose it so easily. Please provide me with some manual or technical procedure for fixing Photoshop cannot read composite data error without causing further damage to PSD file. Thanks!”

Photoshop Document (PSD) is the outcome of Adobe Photoshop application. With the help of this application, user can create various layers of photos in a single PSD file and edit them accordingly. Added to that, you can make use of various color modes that is best suited for your image. Sometimes, your Photoshop file can get corrupted and pop out an error message stating that ‘Photoshop cannot read composite data’ in the below listed cases:

Will these issues lead to permanently corrupt PSD file???

No, generation of Photoshop cannot read composite data error doesn’t permanently damage PSD file and makes it unusable. It can be effectively fixed with services of competent PSD file repair tool specially designed to overcome issues or fix error messages shown by Adobe Photoshop files without altering contents of original file.

Photoshop file error repair tool:

Yodot PSD Repair tool provides best solution to repair PSD file exhibiting Photoshop cannot read composite data error on Windows and Mac systems. This utility has best image file repair algorithms that can easily fix various problems in Photoshop file and makes it healthy file. It is included with simple graphical user interface, using which users can repair unreadable, inaccessible, broken or corrupted Photoshop PSD and PDD files. Even, this application effectively fix Photoshop file is empty error, PSD file will not read error, Photoshop unexpected end of file error, Photoshop scratch disk error, etc. This PSD file repair tool has ability to mend Photoshop files created by different versions of Adobe Photoshop like Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 efficiently.

Simple procedure to repair error Photoshop cannot read composite data:


  • Install best anti-virus protection to prevent virus / malware attacks on PSD files saved on computer hard drive
  • Avoid using unknown third party applications to open your PSD file
  • Keep backup of PSD files on more than one storage drive to overcome abrupt file loss

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