Resolve Photoshop CS6 Could Not Find Data File Error

“How should I repair “Error Photoshop CS6 Could Not Find Data File” on my Windows 7 laptop? I had newly installed Adobe Photoshop CS6 application in it and was creating certain PSD files that were to be presented in morning. Yesterday I needed to perform final changes to my PSD file, when I double clicked on the file it popped out this error “Error Photoshop CS6 Could Not Find Data File”. I was surprised to see this error and was unable to find out as to how it can be fixed? Can anyone tell me the way in which repair to error on PSD file can be done? Thanks”

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is considered as the live utility that gives life to pictures. With inclusion of high end features, we can say that this is one of the best releases by Adobe. With frequent use of this tool, you may face some problems that lead to “Error Photoshop CS6 Could Not Find Data File”. If you want to know how to get rid the problem, you can make use of best PSD repair tool. Before that, you can have a look at some of the scenarios that result in above mentioned error:

What to do if the above issues occur and block access to your PSD files on Adobe Photoshop CS6, just stay calm. There is no need worry, this is not permanent PSD file corruption, it can be easily repaired with the use of Yodot PSD Repair utility.

About PSD repair tool

Yodot PSD Repair is the most liked application to repair “error Photoshop CS6 could not find data file” on all versions of Windows as well as Mac systems. This program is designed with Read only feature, it makes sure no modification is done to original file content. It provides utmost support in repairing PSD as well as PDD files that are created using various versions of Adobe Photoshop like CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS1, 7.0, 6.0 and 5.0 respectively. User can also make use of this utility to mend Adobe Photoshop CS6 error 1, Photoshop scratch disk error, CS4 unexpected end of file error, PSD not a valid document error, fix PSD error code 3 and many others. Separate applications have been provided for both Windows (Windows 8.1. Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Xp, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008) as well as Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion) versions. If you are facing any trouble while using this software, you can get the help of technical staff via email.

Steps to repair error Photoshop CS6 Could Not Find Data File:

Things to keep in mind

  • Follow proper steps while exiting Photoshop CS6 application
  • Avoid usage of unknown third party tools to access your PSD / PDD files
  • Secure your system with updated antivirus protection to prevent virus attack on Adobe Photoshop CS6

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