Fix Photoshop Error File Not Compatible With This Version

“Today, accidently my Photoshop has closed while working on my demo template. I was working on this demo template from last two months. When I restarted the application and opened .psd file, it showed an error message like “could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop”. I tried opening .psd file for several times, but it encounters the same error message. I am really feared of losing my two month hard work that I spent on this PSD file. If anyone face this kind of problem or have solution to fix this issue, I will be very thankful to you!!!”

Usually this type of error occurs when you try to open PSD files in a new version of Photoshop application or when Photoshop application is upgraded. The Photoshop application creates large temporary files on scratch disk and deletes them when it is finished, but if the Photoshop application does not shutdown properly or interrupted while working on it, then PSD files can get corrupted. Once PSD file is corrupted, then you can’t open this file in any of the Photoshop application version. Some of the other causes for PSD file corruption are given below:

Every Adobe Photoshop users will be suffering from one or other type of issues with their Photoshop application files either while editing or designing pictures. If you are one of them, who is distressed from PSD file corruption due any of the above mentioned scenarios, then don’t get disappointed. You can easily fix this corrupt PSD file using any of the best PSD file repair tool.

Salient features of PSD file repair software:

Yodot PSD Repair is eminent Photoshop file repair software, which helps you to fix several errors encountered while opening or accessing PSD files in Photoshop application. This PSD repair application is developed with most powerful algorithms to fix severely damaged or corrupted PSD and PDD files. This software has the capability to fix PSD file that has different color modes like Bitmap, Gray-scale, Indexed color, RGB color, CMYK color and Lab color. This tool can easily fix RLE compressed PSD files that are created by Adobe Photoshop. This software is preferred by most of the Photoshop user due to its user friendly interface and it is supported on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Procedure for using PSD file repair utility on Windows:


  • Always update your security application to protect PSD files stored in computer from external threats
  • Don’t use any third party application for converting PSD files to other file format
  • Regularly update your Photoshop application in order to overcome from application crash

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