How to Fix When Photoshop Does Not Display Text?

“Hi, I had created few images in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and these images were added with plenty of text. Recently I upgraded my Photoshop to CS6 version. It was then I encountered problem in viewing my old PSD images. PSD image opens but does not display text and at worse the file completes refuse to open in Photoshop. How can I fix this situation?”

World’s best used image processing application is Adobe Photoshop. Its amazing features let users to create pictures with multiple effects and layers. This creative tool can be installed on many platforms including Windows and Mac. Images can be created with different color modes and varied depths per channel. However, PSD images may display various error messages due to corruption or damage in vast situations. In such instances image file may not display text, layers or more to this files will be totally unreadable.

Possible reasons for Adobe Photoshop not displaying text may be:

  • Photoshop incorrectly updated or upgraded on computer
  • Attempt to open wrongly edited Photoshop file
  • Opening incompletely compressed or malware infected PSD document in Photoshop
  • Attempt to open PSD files from latest versions in old Adobe Photoshop versions or in some online image editing tools may cause compatibility issue
  • When damaged PSD image after improper transfer process or corrupt file header is tried to open

Apart from above mentioned issues, PSD image may not show text in Adobe Photoshop if there are any application issues. Sometimes, malfunctioning of Photoshop due to missing of program related files, incorrect OS updates and other software conflicts can make Photoshop not to display text or entire PSD image. However, by reinstalling Adobe Photoshop application this kind of errors can sometimes be resolved. If the problem persists even after doing this work around in Adobe Photoshop then employ good PSD repair tool to fix when Photoshop not displaying text.

Photoshop PSD repair utility:

With the use of Yodot PSD Repair tool it is possible to resolve all issues with Photoshop images that are unreadable. It can repair Photoshop PSD documents that do not display text, that is not opening, that do not permit to edit the file or that is severely corrupted. It has caliber to even resolve PSD file errors like file is empty, file is not a valid Photoshop document, Photoshop cannot read composite data, unexpected end of file, unsupported color mode CMYK, cannot save scratch disk is full and other unexpected errors. In addition, this tool is efficient to fix broken Photoshop file with multiple layers and different color modes like RGB, CMYK, Bitmap, GrayScale, Multi channel, Duotone, etc. Along with Photoshop PSD image, this tool can repair PhotoElements PPD images with utmost ease. One can use this software on all Windows OS based computers like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003. On the other hand, Mac users can install this tool on Mac Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks OS X computers.

Follow these steps to accomplish Photoshop file repair:

  • Download Yodot PSD Repair tool on your Windows / Mac computer where PSD file is damaged
  • Install the application by logging in as system administrator and run it
  • In main screen, browse through the system hard drive to select victim PSD image file
  • After choosing required PSD file, click on ‘Repair’ button to start scanning process
  • Wait till the document is scanned completely and all issues are fixed
  • Later view the details of repaired PSD file along with complete layer information using ‘Preview’ option
  • Atlast if satisfied with repair results you can save this file to any target location

Points to Remember:

  • Backup essential Photoshop images insecure location
  • Use compatible Photoshop version to open/edit your valuable PSD images