How to Fix Photoshop Scratch Disk Error on Mac?

In the world of Photoshop, a scratch disk refers specially to a portion of hard disk space used for temporary storage. This allows Photoshop to perform operations requiring more memory than it is available from the system RAM. Photoshop uses this space for creating the temporary files and deleting them after they are no longer needed. Photoshop’s temp files are typically named as Temp#### on Macintosh, where #### is a series of numbers. These are safe to delete.

The Photoshop encounters scratch disk full error due to below mentioned three reasons:

  • Photoshop crashed: The Photoshop application creates large temporary files on scratch disk and deletes them when it is finished, but if the program does not shutdown properly, then these files can be left on the disk and you may encounter errors
  • Working with large image: You may get this type of scratch disk full error message when working with particularly large images, Photoshop application needs huge space than usual to accommodate the image editing
  • No space on scratch disk: If your scratch disk memory is full then “scratch disk full error” message occurs when you start the Photoshop application or while editing the image on Photoshop program. You might even notice missing of PSD files when during scratch disk error. However, there is an opt way to recover back PSD file disappeared from Mac Machine or Windows given in the link.


You can easily resolve “scratch disk full” error by deleting the temporary files that are left on the scratch disk. If it shows the same error message again, then just delete the unwanted files from scratch disk or you can assign new scratch disk by setting some preference on Photoshop application that allows you to use multiple hard drives. Even after doing all these things you are getting the same error message, then defragment your scratch disk.

By using the above procedure you can easily fix “scratch disk full“error message that encounters while using the Photoshop application, but you can’t fix the Photoshop files that are corrupted when your application crashes. Don’t worry, you can also fix this corrupted Photoshop files by using any third party repair tool. But I recommended you to try Yodot PSD Repair for fixing your corrupt PSD files that are corrupted due to Photoshop application crash on Mac OS X.

Software for fixing corrupt Photoshop files:

Yodot PSD Repair is one of the eminent repair software that can easily fix your Photoshop files that are corrupted due to Photoshop application crash. It also repairs large sized PSD and PDD Photoshop image files on Mac system. It can fix PSD files having depths of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel. This application is compatible with all versions of Mac operating systems namely Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion. This tool can easily fix RLE compressed PSD files that are created by various Adobe Photoshop versions on Macintosh computer. This software is preferred by most of the Photoshop user due to its user friendly interface and it supports to operate on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Procedure for using Yodot PSD Repair on Macintosh:

  • Download and install Yodot PSD Repair on your Macintosh operating system
  • Follow the on screen procedure that are provided for you to run and repair Adobe Photoshop PSD files
  • Click on “Browse” option to select the path of the PSD file that is to be repaired
  • After selecting the particular PSD file, click on “Repair” option and you can see the progress bar on next window
  • PSD file are repaired in few minutes and you can see the repaired PSD file with different layers of the respective PSD file
  • You can also view fixed Photoshop files by using “Preview” option present on the tool
  • Then you can save the repaired Photoshop PSD files to your preferred location on Mac system

Useful Tips:

  • Always update your Adobe Photoshop application in order to avoid it from malfunctioning
  • It’s good to have backup of your important Photoshop files on other reliable storage media
  • Take care while selecting the scratch disk, that is used by Photoshop for creating temporary files

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