How to Fix Scratch Disk Full Error in Photoshop?

Photoshop scratch disk full errorWhat is a Scratch Disk? Why Photoshop Says Could Not Initialize Photoshop Because the Scratch Disks Are Full? Methods to Solve the Scratch Disk Problem in Adobe Photoshop..

In the world of Photoshop, a scratch disk refers especially to a portion of the hard disk or the complete partition (if you have a dedicated hard drive partition for Photoshop) used by Photoshop for temporary storage. This allows Photoshop to perform operations requiring more memory than it is available from the system RAM. Photoshop uses this scratch disk space for creating the temporary files and deleting them after they are no longer needed.

And, Photoshop users come across below errors due to scratch disk problems.

  • Could not open a scratch file because the disk is full
  • Couldn’t complete your request because the scratch disks are full
  • Could not initialize Photoshop because the scratch disks are full

The Photoshop Encounters Scratch Disk Full Error Mainly at Three Instances:

1. Photoshop Crashed: The Photoshop application creates large temporary files on scratch disk and deletes them when it is finished. But, if the program does not shut down properly, then these temporary files can be left on the disk and you may encounter Could Not Initialize Photoshop Scratch Disk Full error due to unavailability of free space.

2. When Cropping Image: You may get this scratch disk full error message when you are trying to crop an image using Photoshop application. If you have entered wrong units/size and resolution values in the options bar, then the cropping tool gives scratch disk is full error message.

3. No Space on Scratch Disk: If your scratch disk memory is full then “scratch disk full error” message appears when you start the Photoshop application or while editing the image using Photoshop program.

How to Clear Scratch Disk or How to Fix Scratch Disk Error in Photoshop?

Step 1: In Windows system, press Windows and R keys together, type %LocalAppData%\Temp and hit OK. Find and delete ~PST####.tmp files (#### is a serial number).

Wherein Mac users, search Photoshop Temp and delete temp files with name Temp####.

Thus, removing all Photoshop Temp files resolve the scratch disk error in Photoshop.

Step 2: Open Photoshop Preferences and choose Scratch Disks. In Mac OS, open Photoshop CC go to Menu, choose Preferences and click on Scratch Disks. Note down your scratch disk.

Now, clear unwanted files from this scratch drive and defragment it to make scratch disk space for the Photoshop. If possible, add additional drive/partition for Photoshop to use a scratch disk or change the scratch disk to add free space.

Step 3: If you are experiencing the scratch disk is full error message, when cropping a Photoshop image, then Clear the option bar contents soon after you select the crop tool.

Using the above techniques, you can easily solve the problem scratch disk full that appears in the Photoshop application.

If your Photoshop files are corrupted when the application crashes then, you can fix this corrupted Photoshop files by using any third party repair tool. But I recommended you to try Yodot PSD Repair for fixing your corrupt PSD files that are corrupted due to Photoshop application crash on Mac OS X or Windows operating system.

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You might even notice missing or deletion of PSD files due to various Photoshop errors or application crash. However, there is an opt way to recover PSD file disappeared from Mac Machine or Windows system is given in the link in an easy way.

Steps to Repair Corrupt/Damaged PSD Files:

Step 1: Launch Yodot PSD Repair software, click on the Browse button and select the corrupt/damaged PSD file that is to be repaired. Click on the Repair button.

Step 2: After the repair process, you can verify the fixed Photoshop file by using the Preview option.

Step 3: Finally, Save the repaired PSD file to your preferred location (on a new location).


  • Avoid using the drive where your operating system is installed as the scratch drive
  • Don't use a network drive or external drive as a scratch disk
  • If your computer is running with SSD then set it as your scratch disk, even if it is OS drive