Resolve Photoshop Cannot Save Due to Program Error

“Hi every body, I am currently using Photoshop CS3 application on my Mac machine. I regularly run into the same problem once or twice a week. When I go to save Photoshop files on which I was working, some error warning like ‘Photoshop cannot save [filename] due to program error’ appears. From there, it was not able to save PSD file on computer hard drive. Also, once I reset the preferences (Shift+ Optional+ Command upon start up) it worked only for few days, after that the same thing continues. I am really sick of this error, could anyone help me to resolve this Photoshop file error. Thanks in an advance!!!”

Even I had same issue with my Photoshop application few times ago. I read that this error eventually occurs when you save scratch disk on the same hard drive as your boot up disk. So, I removed the scratch disk folder from the boot up disk and saved on other volume on my computer. It worked and now I don’t have any problem in saving the Photoshop files.

Sometimes, Photoshop files might get corrupted or damaged due to this application error. When your PSD file gets corrupted, you cannot open or access those PSD files on Photoshop application. In order to fix this Photoshop file corruption issue, use effective third party Photoshop file repair software.

Yodot PSD Repair is one of them, which is suggested by many users for repairing PSD files created by various Photoshop applications on both Windows and Mac operating system.

Outstanding features of Yodot PSD repair tool:

Yodot PSD Repair is built with powerful repair algorithm to fix errors that are occurred while accessing or using PSD files. It has the ability to repair Photoshop files that refuses to save due to program error and any reason. This software has the capability to fix PSD file that has different color modes like Bitmap, Gray-scale, Indexed color, RGB color, CMYK color and Lab color. This tool can easily fix RLE compressed PSD files that are created by different Adobe Photoshop applications. This application is easy to use and it can be used by every individual to repair their vital Photoshop files on Mac as well as Windows operating system.

Steps for using Yodot PSD Repair tool:

  • Download and install Yodot PSD Repair on your Mac/Windows operating system
  • Follow the on screen procedure provided for you to run and repair Photoshop PSD files
  • Click on “Browse” option to select the path of the PSD file that is to be repaired
  • After selecting the particular PSD file, click on “Repair” option and you can see the progress bar on next window
  • Fixing of PSD file takes only few minutes and displays the repaired PSD file with different layers and masks of the respective PSD file
  • You can also view fixed Photoshop files by using “Preview” option present on the application
  • Then you can save the repaired Photoshop PSD files to your preferred location on Mac computer

Things to Remember:

  • Its good to have back up of your important PSD file on other reliable storage device
  • Install excellent security application to protect PSD files from virus or malware infection
  • Don’t use any third party application for converting PSD file to other image file format