Repair Error PSD File Not a Valid Photoshop Document

Adobe Photoshop is an outstanding photo editing program, with which you can easily edit your precious images and create your memories as you like. The Abode Photoshop application save edited file with .psd format; But sometimes, when you try to access your Photoshop files you may receive error like “could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document”. Usually, this PSD file error encounters due to abrupt termination of system while PSD file is processing or when you try to open PSD file created with lower version in upgraded Photoshop application. Due to this PDS file error you may be restricted to access your incredible Photoshop images. This error clearly indicates that your Photoshop document has been corrupted. Some of the common reasons that caused you Photoshop file corruption are:

In all the above mentioned circumstances your Photoshop images might get corrupt. No matter what the reason for corruption of your PSD file, you can easily repair it and make it accessible using reliable PSD Repair software.

Application to repair PSD file error:

Yodot PSD Repair is the professional repair utility designed with most intuitive feature that facilitates smooth repair of your PSD file error not a valid Photoshop document. It provides step-by-step instructions that enable you to repair any kind of errors that are encountered with Photoshop document without difficulty. It is a non-destructive tool, which extracts only the content from the corrupted PSD file and creates a new healthy PSD file. Thus, it does not affect your original source file. This software has the capability to fix PSD file that has different color modes like Bitmap, Gray-scale, Indexed color, RGB color, CMYK color and Lab color. It effectively works with all latest versions of Windows as well as Mac operating system.

Procedure to repair PSD error not a valid Photoshop document:


  • Avoid using unknown application for converting PSD file to other image file format
  • Install good security program on your computer to protect your PSD files from virus and harmful threat infection
  • It’s good to have additional copy of your precious PSD files in some other reliable storage device

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