Solve Unexpected and Unrecoverable Error in Photoshop

“Hi, I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS5 on my Windows system as I favor in editing and creating amazing pictures. However, last time when I opened Adobe Photoshop to carry out my routine work, Photoshop forcefully terminated after displaying this error, “An unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred. Photoshop will quit now.” Later I learnt that the images are no more accessible when I tried to opening my PSD images on other system. Can anyone please suggest me on how to fix this error in Photoshop? Thanks in advance.”

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing graphics editing tool used by many creative professional photographers and other tech-savors to generate outstanding images. But unfortunately, there are certain issues related to Adobe Photoshop application that makes the tool vulnerable at times. One such error in Photoshop is Unexpected and Unrecoverable quitting of the application.

Photoshop Error – Unexpected and unrecoverable problem has occurred

This error is encountered on Photoshop application when user tries to launch it. This error can be triggered by many irregular factors of Photoshop tool such as:

  • Setting improper preferences for Adobe Photoshop application
  • Following incorrect methods to update Photoshop
  • Missing of necessary program files to run Photoshop application
  • And of course due to wrong installation process

This unexpected and unrecoverable error triggers on one’s desktop as soon as launching the Photoshop application and thus application quits in an unusual way. When this happen, chances of PSD images associated with this Photoshop tool can easily get corrupt and renders inaccessible. Apart from this error, PSD files may even stop to work due to virus intrusion, abrupt termination of Photoshop / system while working on an image file, malfunctioning of Photoshop, PSD file header corruption and other issues. So, now it is time to know the exact method to fix unexpected and unrecoverable error in Photoshop.

Most followed methods for fixing various errors of Photoshop are:

  • Uninstall the tool and reinstall it again
  • Delete Photoshop preferences
  • Reboot the system

However, one cannot escape PSD file damage in all these instances. So, in order to accomplish PSD file repair after unexpected and unrecoverable error on Photoshop, it is recommended to make use of eminent, safe and appropriate third party repair tool. Yodot PSD Repair is one such recommended software to fix issues related to Photoshop PSD files. This software can easily repair PSD images that are corrupted or damaged due to reasons like CRC error, download error, file header corruption, layer damage, etc. One can fix errors with multi layered PSD images having RGB, CMYK, Bitmap, GrayScale and other color modes. The program can also mend PDD along with PSD image files created on various Adobe Photoshop versions like Photoshop 5.5, 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6. This utility is compatible on computers and laptops working on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to make use of Yodot PSD Repair tool:

  • Download the software and install it on your Windows computer where PSD file resides
  • Run the utility by following given steps
  • In main screen choose the required PSD file to be repaired using Browse button
  • Then click on Repair button to trigger repair process
  • After few seconds, software displays fixed PSD file to preview its contents
  • Preview the image and proceed with saving PSD file to desired destination location by clicking on Save button

Necessary Tips:

  • Avoid performing abrupt termination of Adobe Photoshop while working on any PSD filet
  • Use proper methods to update and migrate Adobe Photoshop application
  • Keep multiple backup of important PSD images to avoid the risk of file corruption