How to Repair WinRAR Unexpected End of Archive Error???

Updated on June 29, 2020

Roshal Archive files often called as RAR are files used to compress all kinds of files like songs, movies, video clips, documents and many more. The main advantage of using these files is that, it saves memory on hard disk and these RAR files can be easily transferred over the internet.

RAR archive is more prone to corruption when you transfer it over the internet. Sometimes when trying to extract files from RAR archive, you might come across error message stating, “Unexpected end of archive”. This means that the RAR file which you are trying to access is inaccessible due to corruption.

Why Unexpected End of RAR Archive Error Occurs?

There are few reasons for getting unexpected end of archive RAR error; you usually encounter this error when you start a downloading process and after downloading few GBs (gigabytes) or MBs (megabytes), it stops and displays a message as download complete.

Given below are the steps which might help you in recovering some files from your corrupted RAR archive:

  • Step 1: Run WinRAR program and browse to the drive or folder where your corrupt RAR file is present
  • Step 2: Select the RAR file and click on “Repair” button from the tool bar
  • Step 3: A window pops-up choose, “Treat corrupt archive as RAR” option
  • Step 4: In case if you get a “Suspicious Entry” popping up, then select All, you may encounter this message several times while the repair process
  • Step 5: After completion of the repair process, click on close
  • Step 6: To extract your files, select your new rebuilt archive
  • Step 7: Next, choose commands->Extract without confirmation, the files start to get extracted

However this method fails to recover files from your RAR archive, if it is severely corrupt. In case of severe file corruption, it is highly recommended to use a powerful RAR repair program to fix RAR file unexpected end of archive.

Yodot RAR Repair - Free Tool to Fix Unexpected End of RAR Archive

Yodot RAR Repair is very reliable and a powerful software to fix corrupt RAR archives after getting RAR unexpected end of archive error message. This repair tool has a user friendly interface, which helps even a novice user to repair and recover his files from corrupt RAR file within minutes. This tool is capable of repairing RAR files which are corrupt due to scenarios listed below:

  • CRC error while extracting the downloaded RAR file
  • RAR file corruption caused due to virus infection
  • Bad sectors on storage media is another cause for RAR file corruption
  • Interruptions during uploading or downloading RAR files

Procedure to fix Unexpected end of RAR Archive error

  • Download Yodot RAR Repair software and install the software to your computer desktop/laptop
  • Launch the repair application and stick to the procedure
  • Hit the “Browse” button to choose the RAR file which is to be repaired
  • Initialize the repair process by clicking on “Repair” button
  • The program starts the repair process
  • Monitor the repair process via progress bar
  • After finishing the repair process, the tool displays all the files and folders from the RAR file
  • Click on “Next” button
  • Finally, save the repaired files to your desired destination location by making use of “Save” option


  • Make sure that there is no interruption while transferring or downloading the RAR file
  • Use a good download manager to download your important RAR files
  • Backup your vital RAR files onto any external storage devices like external hard drive, CD, DVD etc
  • Install a good antiviral program to remove deadly viruses / malwares causing RAR file corruption