Software to Repair Bad RAR File

Compression of file in RAR format has now become the most popular form of data storage techniques. The most commonly known compression application is WinRAR, which comes with accurate compression method that allow users to archive data and hence save the disk space. You can even provide password to RAR file, which helps you in maintaining data security and safety.

Reducing the size of files using RAR format can be the best way to save disk space and to transfer files through internet. You can easily compress large number files without any difficulties using WinRAR. But, in certain instances RAR file can also get corrupted and become bad, blocking access to information saved in it.

You can stuck up with bad RAR file as a result of:

  • Download error comes along when the download process of RAR file is interrupted as result of bad internet connection, which can cause corruption to RAR file
  • Non availability of required space during extraction files from RAR archive to a known destination, can also cause damage to it
  • Due to virus infection or sudden loss of power, the header of RAR file gets corrupted which eventually makes the RAR file inaccessible for the user
  • Using unauthenticated application to archive large size files, logical conflicts while compressing files into a RAR format may results in bad RAR file

Relax! There is no need to worry! Although there are many scenarios that cause loss of information from RAR file, at the same time there are many ways to fix bad RAR files. Make use of effective RAR repair program and easily access files and folders from bad RAR file.

Repairing Bad RAR file

Yodot RAR Repair tool is the best suited application that can help you to deal with bad RAR files, which fail to open as result of corruption or due to some errors. With the help of advanced scanning techniques, this repair software easily scans and fixes the damage occurred on RAR file without causing any alterations or changes to the original RAR file. It has been designed with simple and self explanatory graphical user interface, so that the user does not face any difficulty while repairing damaged RAR file. This RAR repair tool is specifically built in to support all latest versions of WinRAR applications and can be easily installed in almost all Windows operating systems.

Follow the guidelines to mend bad RAR file:

  • Download and install Yodot RAR Repair application in the system by logging in as local system administrator
  • On completion of installation process, launch the tool with the help of shortcut icon provided on the desktop
  • In the main screen of the software you are provided with Browse and Repair buttons which will guide you to the Repair process
  • Use the browse button to select bad RAR file and then click on the Repair button that will begin the repairing process
  • You can view the repair progress in the next screen by using the progress bar
  • As soon as the repair process gets completed, you can preview the list of folders that were present in the damaged RAR file
  • Now, click the Next button and then select the folder where the repaired RAR file has to be saved

Safety Tips:

  • Always keep proper internet connection to avoid improper downloads
  • Avoid accessing the RAR file when there is continuous power surge
  • Install best anti-virus protection to check virus infection