Repair RAR after Recovery Tool Error

RAR is a file compression technique used to compress multiple files in a single file; it provides many features like compression, splitting, encryption, password protection etc. Therefore computer users often use them for different purposes as mentioned below:

  • Files of large size can be compressed or splitted into smaller parts so that they can be easily be transmitted over internet. This in turn reduces the transmission time
  • Confidential files can be protected by assigning password to ensure data security
  • Backup data can be stored in compressed form to save disk space

However, corruption or damage to RAR file can occur due to several reasons such as CRC error, virus infection, file header corruption, partial download, application failure, transmission error etc and one of the other important reasons for RAR file corruption is because of third party recovery tool.

How RAR file gets corrupt due to a recovery tool?

When you use a third party recovery tool for recovering you’re deleted RAR file from a storage drive, it will scan for the file signature and then recover the file body sector-by-sector which is present after the file signature. But if the RAR file is fragmented, then the recovery tool will recover only that part of the file body which is present in continuation in the memory space. Then the recovered RAR file will become damaged and will not open. Another scenario could be, if the file header is present but the file body is overwritten with some other data or file. Then the recovery software will recover it as a file but you may not be able to access it.

How to repair RAR archive damaged due to recovery tool error?

Whenever you come across situations where your RAR file gets corrupt due to recovery software error, this indicates that you require a proficient RAR file repair application to get back your files present in the RAR archive.

Yodot RAR Repair application makes use of advanced repair algorithms, which makes it a capable repair tool for repairing corrupt RAR files. It can easily repair large size RAR archives containing any type of file. Moreover it also facilitates preview of the repaired files in order to ensure repair success.

Instructions for using the software

  • First of all download Yodot RAR Repair software and install it
  • Launch the software in your system by double clicking the icon
  • Select the damaged RAR file that you want to fix
  • Start the repair process by hitting on the “Repair” button
  • See the progress of the repair process in the progress bar
  • As the repair process ends, view the repaired files recovered from the damaged RAR archive
  • Browse the destination location to save the repaired files by clicking the “Save” button

Things to Remember

  • Since, virus affects the normal functioning or completely erases the files. Therefore good quality anti-virus program should be used
  • It’s really important that you backup your data, so that it can be restored at times of data loss
  • Defragment your disk drive to avoid data loss due to unforeseen situations. You can even schedule the defragmentation process to a particular time