Fix Error Archive Data Corrupted (Decompression Fails)

“I was trying to extract a file using WinRAR program. The utility gave me this error “Decompression problem: broken compressed data” and the extraction process clogged at 10%. The compressed file holds lot of my important photos and documents. How can I get them back? Please help me”.

File corruption is the key reason for decompression failure of a RAR archive. But still it’s not a good idea to conclude that the archive is corrupted, before you go through some verification. So, carry-out this work-around on copy of your archive file and see what your result is.

1. Put your antivirus program out of action and try to extract your RAR file

2. Copy your RAR file onto another location or to system root folder (C drive) and try to unRAR it,/

3. Copy the RAR archive onto another system and see you can extract it

If file extraction process gets completed successfully, then your system is the matter of concern; not your RAR archive. There might be numerous origins for this problem including issues in your system or RAM. If the error is generating due to RAM issue then you can remove memory modules (don’t try to remove, if you are not aware of it) one at a time and do the extraction process again. If file extraction works when you removed a particular RAM module, then you will get answer for your problem.

If, the compressed RAR file fail to decompress on any other system then it seems the archive file is broken or damaged.

WinRAR provides a repair selection to fix corrupted file. Try to fix your corrupted RAR file using WinRAR through below steps.

WinRAR also possess an option to disregard corrupted compressed files during extraction. To utilize this, follow below method.

Success rate of above technique is high, if the archive is slightly corrupted. If the archive is severely damaged or corrupted then above method fails to extract the file. In that case, you can give a try for Yodot RAR Repair to fix a badly corrupted archive.

Program to repair critically corrupted RAR archive:

You can rely upon reliable RAR repair tool called Yodot RAR Repair when you cannot take out files from corrupted RAR archive via manual method. The program can easily resolve any issues in RAR file and recover files from it. The robust utility made fixing process of inaccessible, broken, corrupted RAR archive easy on computers running with any version of Windows OS. It fixes even large RAR files that are corrupted/ damaged due to virus invasion, power surge, improper transfer or extraction etc. The application doesn’t touch even single bit of your source file, instead it creates its replica and works on it. The program is compatible to fix RAR file of any edition and offers you a good guidance in resolving your RAR archive issues.

Yodot has another worthy tool that tells you how to extract broken ZIP file without much difficulty. This tool excellently helps you to extract contents of damaged ZIP, ZIPX and 7Zip compressed files.

Steps to fix corrupted/damaged RAR file:

Prevent RAR file corruption:

  • Always use “File > Exit” practice to close a RAR archive
  • Don’t save vital RAR file on malfunctioning device

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