Repair Error RAR File Could Not Be Decompressed Entirely

Have you ever encountered errors while extracting files from a RAR archive that says, archive cannot be decompressed completely. And you lost immensely valuable files in the archive. If yes, then this page would be the right place. Go through the content to find out the best way to decompress RAR archive that refuses to open or decode its files.

RAR, native format of WinRAR archive is a compressed file format that holds set of files in a container format by compressing the files without losing contents of the files. Compressing files in to RAR format reduces the overall size of the files, making it possible to store large sized files within limited memory on the storage device. Also, the process of file transfer over network can be performed hassle free if the files are compressed in to RAR archive, because WinRAR application encodes the files by providing strict security against intrusion of harmful threats. But, certain times user may find it difficult to decompress a particular RAR archive on WinRAR application and displays error, “a RAR archive could not be decompressed entirely”. This can occur due to various unforeseen reasons as mentioned below.

Here are few factors that make decompression of RAR archive incomplete:

  • Incorrect way of encoding / occurrence of errors while creating RAR archive can make the archive corrupt, that further errors out while decompressing it on WinRAR
  • Virus intrusion to the RAR archive can also become a strong reason behind incomplete extraction of files from that RAR folder
  • Errors during transfer of RAR archive over shared network, change in encryption bits of the archive can result in CRC error, which makes the RAR folder corrupt and useless
  • Another most prominent factor is RAR file header; if this file header gets corrupt due to various reasons, then RAR archive refuses to extract its contents on WinRAR
  • Other times, irregularities in the working of WinRAR application can also render corruption / damage of the RAR archive that results to incomplete decompression

When extraction of files from RAR archive gets incomplete, then user may have to lose very crucial files from the archive, which is really unbearable. Fortunately, this kind of situation can be surmounted with the use of efficient RAR repair utility that easily fixes all issues and decompresses the victim archive completely.

RAR Archive Repair Tool:

One of the effective repair programs to fix error ‘a RAR archive could not be decompressed entirely’ is Yodot RAR Repair utility. This amazing application is embedded with strong repair modules that easily fix error showing or corrupt RAR archives on WinRAR application in few clicks. It has caliber to mend severely damaged, header corrupted or password protected WinRAR files with zero damage to file contents. The software can be utilized on Windows desktops and laptops functioning with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 OS versions.

Steps to repair error showing RAR archive:

  • Download Yodot RAR Repair tool on your Windows computer
  • Install the software and run it
  • In main screen, click on Browse button to search and select required .RAR archive
  • After selecting the file, click on Repair button to start repair process
  • Software performs repair within few seconds and displays the repaired RAR archive along with its contents
  • Go through the outcome of the process and proceed to save these extracted Zip file contents
  • Specify desired destination location on your system drive or on any external storage component and click on Save button

Points to be noted:

  • Always perform secure and complete way of downloading / transferring RAR archives
  • Avoid interruptions while creating (encoding / compressing) RAR archives on WinRAR
  • Do not terminate WinRAR tool or system when RAR extraction process is active