Software to Repair Errors in RAR Archive

Think of a situation, where you noticed that your hard disk on Windows Pc is almost full. Therefore in order to save space you have compressed all your important files and folders into RAR archive. After compressing important files, you have deleted the original data. However for your nightmare, when you attempted to access the data from compressed RAR file it displayed an error message like “CRC error, File could not open”. You tried to open it again but no use. You wonder why you are unable to open RAR archive and why these errors are shown up on each attempt to open RAR file.

When you get errors while trying to extract files from RAR archive, then you need to understand that RAR archive is corrupt. You don’t know reasons behind it, but if you want to access to extract the files and folders from such RAR file, first you need to repair the corrupted RAR file. Before knowing about repairing errors in RAR file in detail, let us know what important reasons that logically damages RAR files and display error messages. Few of them are listed as shown below:

  • Errors while extracting files from RAR archive due to CRC errors, power surge or abrupt system shutdown, etc can lead to RAR file corruption
  • Anti-virus program scanning your system might damage your RAR file if it detects any threats in it
  • Virus, Malware and spyware infections are one of major cause for damaging your RAR files
  • If your internet connection is interrupted while downloading RAR file then there may be possibility of RAR file corruption

How to repair RAR file after errors?

Whenever you come across any error that doesn’t allow you to extract files from RAR archive, it clearly indicates that RAR file is corrupt and you should make use of proficient repair software like Yodot RAR Repair to resolve errors related to RAR files. The simple yet powerful interface of this software will ease the functionality to repair any corrupted or damaged RAR file on Windows OS. One of the fundamental concepts embodied in this software is its simplicity of use. Whatever is the reason for corruption, however big is the RAR file size; this software ensures the fast and accurate repair of RAR archives in few minutes.

Steps to repair RAR file

  • First of all download Yodot RAR Repair software and install it to your computer
  • Run the software in your system by double clicking the icon
  • Select the RAR file, whose errors you want to fix
  • Start the repair process by hitting on the “Repair” button
  • View the progress of the repair process in the progress bar
  • As the repair process ends, view the repaired RAR archive and its file contents
  • Browse the desired location to save the repaired files by clicking the “Save” button

Important Tips

  • Avoid while downloading RAR File from internet when you face any interruptions
  • Download and install a powerful antivirus software to identify and remove viruses from your computer
  • Backup your important RAR file before doing any modifications