How To Resolve RAR Is No Longer Error Accessible?

RAR archive is the one among the most commonly used file containers to hold multiple files in compressed form. Because of perfect compression ratio, reduced time to compress and extract files WinRAR app is a widely accepted compression tool among Windows users that produces RAR archives. It has become too easy to upload transfer or download large size files in the form of RAR archive. Additionally, you can save disk space by compressing multiple files. However users need to handle RAR archives properly because it is highly exposed to various corruption issues and user may encounter error like “RAR is no longer accessible”. Usually such error comes into existence when file header is damaged or RAR archive is corrupted. RAR file may become inaccessible with above error message under following instances.

  • Downloading of RAR archive must go smooth because interruptions to the download process can result in damaged file header, broken archive or CRC error after that you may encounter “RAR is no longer accessible” error
  • If you are using unauthenticated utility to compress or extract files RAR archive may become bad due to logical conflicts
  • Failure of WinRAR app while compressing or extracting archive may also cause RAR file is no longer accessible error
  • Storage drive corruption or virus attack is also a concern for execution of error “RAR is no longer accessible”

Solution to resolve RAR is no longer accessible error!

When you encounter your important RAR archive is inaccessible and throwing above error message, take advantage of the most efficient Yodot RAR Repair tool that takes fraction of time to fix RAR is no longer accessible error and renovate RAR archive without altering or losing a single bit of information. This reliable application has set of comprehensive file repair techniques to resolve various kinds of errors in RAR archive and to make it healthy and error free. Software fixes errors and extract information from damaged, corrupted or bad RAR archives which are created using latest version of WinRAR such as WinRAR 4.0, WinRAR 3.90, WinRAR 3.80, WinRAR3.70, WinRAR 3.50 and WinRAR 2.90 etc. You employ this tool to repair RAR archive with “RAR is no longer accessible” error on all popular Windows systems.

Procedure to fix RAR file after error:

  • Download Yodot RAR Repair software in your Windows system by logging in as system administrator and complete installation process
  • Launch the application after double click on shortcut icon that is available on the desktop
  • On the main window of the utility, you get two options, “Browse” and “Repair” to accomplish the Repair process
  • Click on Browse button to choose RAR file that is showing error and then hit the Repair button to initiate the repairing process
  • On your computer window, you can see the progress of repairing operation by using the progress bar
  • As soon as the repair operation is accomplished, you can open the RAR archive to extract information that was inaccessible after RAR file error
  • Click on the Next tab and then choose preferred location to save the repaired RAR file

Important Tips:

  • Always prefer a trustworthy utility to compress and extract RAR archive
  • Keep good internet connection to avoid interruptions while downloading RAR archives
  • Use anti-virus protection to evade virus intrusion