How Can I Fix Read Error in RAR File?

“Hi, I have a game in RAR archive form and whenever I try to extract it error message encounters, it extracts for a moment and then says “read error” and stops. Is that a problem of RAR file or a WinRAR application mistake? Is there a solution for fixing this error, if so then kindly help me please!!! Thank you.”

For every problem there will be one or the other solution. In the same way there is a solution for your problem also. Meanwhile, you must know why this read error occurs in RAR file and what are the reasons behind it. Read error normally occurs when the RAR archive is corrupted or truncated due to the reasons as are listed below:

RAR file shows not responding error in various scenarios as listed below:

  • Download errors: While downloading WinRAR archives over internet, there are many chances where RAR file may get corrupted due to some interruption. This will alter the RAR file structure by adding the extra bits into the channel due to which RAR file gets corrupted and read error appears when you try to extract it
  • WinRAR application fail: It is the most powerful tool used to compress and decompress files. If there are any errors in the working of this software, then while extracting files from RAR archive, you may get read error.
  • Oversized WinRAR file: The maximum size or RAR file is 4GB. So, if the file size crosses this limit, then RAR archive would become corrupt and when you try to extract archive files, it might display read error.
  • Changing extension of RAR files: RAR file might get damaged due to change of its file format and likely to show read error when you try to access RAR file

If you experience these types of problems with your RAR files, then don’t panic. If you have downloaded the RAR archive file from internet, then try to re-download it. Otherwise, if you have backup of that archive, then restore it from backup. Otherwise, there are many RAR repair software available, to help in fixing read error or any other error messages with RAR archive.

Best RAR error repair software:

Yodot RAR Repair is a wonderful RAR file repair tool, which helps users in fixing several RAR file errors including read error on Windows system.This application has an advanced built-in algorithms to repair your RAR files that are corrupted due to virus infection, CRC errors, download errors, unknown compression technique by using third party compression tool, power failure etc. This software not only repairs RAR file, but it also recovers inaccessible files and folders from RAR archive s effectively. Yodot RAR Repair is a read only tool that does not modify the original WinRAR file during repair process. This software has a user friendly interface and renovates RAR files with few simple steps on systems running Windows operating system.

Steps for fixing read error in RAR file on Windows:

  • Download and install Yodot RAR Repair in your Windows system/laptop
  • Run the application and follow instruction given on the screen
  • Click on “Browse” button to select the RAR file to fix read error
  • Start the repair process by pressing “Repair “ option
  • You can view the RAR repair process on progress bar
  • Once repair process gets finished, the software will display repaired RAR file
  • Click on the “Next” button and finally save repaired  RAR file to desired destination location by using “Save” button

Useful Tips:

  • Conversion of RAR files should be properly done otherwise file header would get corrupted and make entire file inaccessible
  • Always update anti-virus program in system to avoid virus or malware infection
  • Avoid modifying file extension of any RAR files until it is necessary or required