Fix Multiple RAR Files

RAR is a compression format used to reduce the file size in order to save hard disk space or to send many files at once over the network. It supports multiple RAR file that enable you to split a large file into many minor parts. If you want to send a big file via internet, then multiple RAR file will play a major role. While extracting multiple RAR file, all the volumes automatically combine into a single file. WinRAR is the application, which is used to create multiple RAR files. However, sometimes while accessing multiple RAR files, you might be presented with error messages making entire data inaccessible.

For example, consider the situation like you have created a multiple RAR file containing all your project security data. You have sent this multiple RAR file to your project manager via internet and later you have permanently deleted that multiple RAR file from your system for the sake of security purpose. However, when your manager tried to download that multiple RAR file from the net, it got corrupted due to interruption and showed different type of error messages while extracting it. But, without that data you cannot move further in your project. What will you do in such case? How can you access data which is stored in that multiple RAR file? How will you repair that corrupt multiple RAR file?

This kind of situations has experienced by most of the users. If you are also facing the same kind of situation, then no need to bother about it. Several RAR repair software available to handle this kind of issues. Before going to know more about repair software just have a look at some other scenarios wherein multiple RAR file may get corrupt:

  • While downloading multiple RAR file if any interruption occurs like power failure or disconnection of internet, then that multiple RAR file may get corrupt
  • If multiple RAR file is infected with harmful viruses like Trojan, Malware, then these viruses may corrupt your multiple RAR file and make it inaccessible
  • Sudden system shutdown while extracting multiple RAR file may damage that file
  • Using unauthorized third party tool to extract multiple RAR file can corrupt it
  • Minor damage to any single file of multiple RAR archive may lead to damage of entire multiple RAR file

You can repair your corrupt multiple RAR file by using reliable RAR repair software. If you are confused to select the best one, then Yodot RAR Repair software is the right choice for you.

Software to repair multiple RAR files:

Yodot RAR Repair is an efficient tool to repair corrupt or damaged multiple RAR files on Windows system. This utility has the ability to repair multiple RAR file that is damaged under critical scenarios like CRC error, virus infection, download error and so on. Also, it can smoothly repair multiple RAR archive that are corrupted due to WinRAR version upgrades or file extension error. Apart from multiple RAR files, it helps to repair RAR archive error 42126, No file to access error, RAR file cannot open error and some other RAR errors. This utility is built with advanced algorithm, which has the capacity to repair even corrupt encrypted password protected archives. It supports all latest versions of WinRAR application. It is compatible to run on all versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, Windows server 2003 and 2008.

Procedure to repair multiple RAR files:

  • Download and install Yodot RAR Repair on Windows system
  • Then run the application and follow instructions which are displayed on screen in order repair corrupted or damaged multiple RAR file
  • First browse the multiple RAR file that has to be repaired
  • Next click on “Repair” option to start repair process of selected multiple RAR file
  • After successful completion of repair process it will show success message like “File repaired successfully”
  • Finally select destination path to save repaired multiple RAR file on Windows system


  • Keep back up of multiple RAR file, so that you can restore it if any errors or corruption occur
  • Assign password to your multiple RAR file to make it secure