Fix RAR File Without Recovery Record

“Hi, I have a RAR file which got corrupted and is not opening now. When I tried to fix the problem with the help of WinRAR using which I compressed the RAR file; I got an error that the recovery record was not found. I do not have any other copy from where I can restore damaged RAR file. I have lots of important files enclosed in it and can’t even think of losing them. Please find a way to repair my RAR file without recovery record. Thanks in advance…”

There are different features on WinRAR application, which can be used while creating RAR file. Among that, one feature is to have recovery record. You can check ‘Put recovery record’ option while selecting files to add to RAR archive. Then, the recovery record will be created for the RAR and can be used to repair RAR file in case of corruption. However when RAR archive gets corrupted while creating due to power or hardware failure, then it is not possible to fix RAR file. In addition, after creation RAR files can get damaged due to any of the scenarios as given below:

  • RAR file gets infected by viruses carried by any infected file on computer or from unauthorized websites
  • RAR file might not be downloaded properly due to corruption when you download it from any email attachment or from WebPages
  • CRC error on RAR archive after transmitted through a channel connecting two devices makes it unusable. You cannot open RAR in that case as there may be changes to RAR file while transmission
  • Increased bad sectors on storage media where RAR files are saved can corrupt RAR files and users won’t be able to extract RAR file contents in that situation

When RAR file gets corrupted as a consequence of any of the above listed causes, then you can repair RAR file which does not have recovery record by using competent RAR file repair utility.

Repair RAR file without recovery record:

Yodot RAR Repair tool helps in fixing damaged or broken RAR files without recovery record on Windows computer. The recovery record might not be present on RAR file that needs to be repaired in case of corruption. In that circumstance, this program scans the RAR file corrupted for any reason and extracts compressed data from it. You can view information of files and folders that are present in RAR archive. Whether it may be simple documents, excel sheets or complex media files; you can get back any file type compressed in RAR file. The software supports repairing RAR files created on different versions of WinRAR tool such as WinRAR 2.00, WinRAR 2.90, WinRAR 3.50, WinRAR 3.70, WinRAR 3.80, WinRAR 3.90 and WinRAR 4.00.

Steps to repair RAR file without recovery record:

  • Download Yodot RAR Repair software and install it on your PC
  • Run the tool and select corrupt RAR file without recovery record using “Browse” option
  • Then click on “Repair” button to initiate repair process
  • The software scans RAR file to fix its issues and displays the list of files present in it
  • Finally, save them at a location on a drive of computer using “Save” option

Things to Remember:

  • Keep backup of RAR file or data which you had compressed in it in order to avoid data loss
  • Use UPS to avoid the interruptions while compressing files to RAR archive