Fix When RAR File Is Not Extracting

“I have an important RAR archive on my system. Today, when I tried to extract contents from this file, WinRAR refused to complete the task because of RAR file corruption. I don’t understand what caused the corruption, but I am unable to extract contents of this RAR file. Is there any way to fix this error and extract contents of the RAR file?”

We can certainly help you with that, but what you need to understand is that your RAR archive is behaving this way because it is corrupted. Due to corruption, the RAR archive may display various error messages or in other cases, may refuse to open. Some of the common error messages you may see are listed below as follows.

  • Corrupt RAR archive
  • There is no enough space on the disk
  • Selected file is not a RAR archive
  • RAR archive could not be decompressed correctly
  • File is no longer accessible
  • WinRAR file is either unknown or damaged

Now that we’ve see the symptoms of RAR file corruption, let us look into some reasons for corruption in the RAR file

Major causes for RAR file damage

Incorrect download or transfer of RAR file over internet can introduce incorrect data into the file and cause corruption

  • Bad sectors on the storage media where RAR files are stored
  • Use of random unreliable third party tools to extract RAR files
  • Errors by the application when creating RAR files

Proficient RAR file repair software

Trusted by many users, Yodot RAR Repair can brilliantly fix corrupt RAR archives. Once issues are fixed, you will be able to extract RAR files easily. This advanced RAR Repair Utility makes use of read-only strategies to repair WinRAR files, hence you should have no fear that the software will cause harm to your original files.

It has the ability to fix all kinds of corruption issues, no matter the reason for corruption. It has the ability to repair RAR files that are broken, encrypted or of invalid file type with ease. It can even fix multi-part RAR archives that do not decompress after severe damage on Windows computer. This amazing product can repair WinRAR archives on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers.

Simple steps to repair when you can’t extract RAR files

  • Download Yodot RAR Repair software on your Windows computer
  • Install and launch the program using the standard procedure and launch the software
  • In the main screen, click on Browse button to browse for the required RAR file that you are unable to extract
  • Then click on Repair for the software to start the repair process
  • Once the repair process is complete, preview the repaired file and save it to a defined target location

Note these points:

  • Avoid interruptions during compression/extraction of RAR files on WinRAR
  • Protect important files like RAR archives from viruses with the use of powerful antivirus tool