Fix WinRAR File after Error There Is Not Enough Memory

“My WinRAR diagnosing error message that ‘Not enough memory’. Please anyone suggest me regarding fixing this issue.”

Often it happens that when you try to extract files from RAR archive or while saving RAR files on your system as mentioned in above query. It is very scary to notice that your essential WinRAR file displaying error message and gets damaged or locked up due to this kind of errors. If you are dealing with WinRAR error not enough disk space, then you have stepped into the right page. This page gives you suitable resolutions for all types of unexpected error messages related to WinRAR.

When do you get WinRAR not enough memory Error?

In this error “memory” indicates not hard drive storage space, it means RAM temporary swap space or virtual disk memory. In case your system do not have enough Random access Memory (RAM) to perform tasks like opening or adding files to RAR files, then WinRAR become victim for “Not enough memory” error message.

In order to overcome this kind of scenarios, you can make some manual setting to change the path. Go to Option -> click on Setting -> select Paths and type “.\” to unzip RAR file directly to the current directory instead to temporary location. If you are unable to access WinRAR file after even after using this method, then go for good RAR file repair utility like Yodot RAR Repair to fix invalid or corrupt RAR files.

About WinRAR file repair software:

Yodot RAR Repair tool is used to fix WinRAR archive after not enough memory space error due to above discussed issue. You can repair RAR file and retrieve all its files of various formats. One can fix inaccessible or unreadable RAR archives created in various versions of WinRAR application such as WinRAR 2.00, 2.90, 3.50, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90 and 4.00. The application renovates the corrupt or damaged WinRAR files on any storage media on different version of Windows operating system such as Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003. In addition, you can mend password protected WinRAR files.

Steps to fix RAR file after WinRAR error not enough memory:

  • Download the Yodot RAR Repair utility and install it to your Windows system
  • After that launch the software and follow the onscreen guiding  instructions
  • Select the RAR file showing not enough disk space error using “Browse” option and then click on “Repair” button, to fix that WinRAR file
  • This tool will begin to scan and repairs the corrupted or damaged RAR archive
  • After renovating the RAR files, the software displays the list of files or folders of fixed RAR archive
  • Further click on “Save” button to save your RAR file on your preferred location

Preventive Steps:

  • Backup your essential WinRAR files on some other storage devices
  • Try to know the reasons behind WinRAR error messages and go according to cause to fix the problem
  • Use quality and authenticate third party software to repair inaccessible RAR file