Repair WinRAR Error The File is Corrupted

“I downloaded a RAR archive on my Windows desktop and when I tried to extract the file contents, WinRAR showed an error that the file is corrupt. Is there any way to fix this corrupt RAR? Please help me by providing good solution because the RAR folder contains very crucial information and I need it somehow.”

RAR is an archive file format supported by WINRAR that is saved with .rar and .rev file extension. A single RAR archive consist set of files that are compressed using WinRAR tool. Compressing files in RAR format will reduce file size and makes it possible to store in very small memory space. Also, RAR file will ease file transmission over network by providing encryption of compressed files.

However, while extracting / compressing files using WinRAR, there are possibilities of RAR folder getting corrupt due to malfunctioning of WinRAR application or abrupt termination of WinRAR during compression and decompression processes. Also, if WinRAR is not installed properly and errors during migrating from one version to other WinRAR version may damage entire RAR file causing file corruption. Not only because of software conflicts of WinRAR tool, RAR may also get corrupt due to below mentioned reasons:

All these reasons may cause RAR file corruption and whenever you try to decode broken RAR, WinRAR displays error that " RAR file is corrupt". In such cases corrupt RAR file can be fixed by using good third party RAR repair utility.

How to fix WinRAR error the file is corrupt while extracting RAR archive?

Repairing corrupt RAR file is very simple with the use of Yodot RAR Repair application. This repair utility is well designed to resolve various issues of RAR archive in few mouse clicks. Embedded with advanced repair strategies, this program can fix WinRAR error "the file is corrupt" on all versions of WinRAR application. Also, the software is enough capable in fixing incomplete, oversized and other error showing RAR files on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2008 OS based computers.

As you know RAR compression technique is used to shrink large sized files for easy transfer. So you might have used it to compress PST file while migrating to another Outlook account or system. In that instant, if your Outlook PST keeps corrupting and hence you are unable to import it then Yodot PST fix toolkit will assurdely assist you.

Procedural steps to repair WinRAR corrupt file:

Keep an eye on these points:

  • Avoid interruptions while creating and downloading RAR files
  • Don't use inaccurate application to open / extract RAR archive
  • Use reliable antivirus software to scan downloaded RAR files prior to extract

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