How Do I Fix Problems That Are Preventing Windows From Starting?

It is the most frustrating situation, when you turn on your system and it fails to start. Sometimes Windows look like it's still attempting to start the system. But finally, all you need to do is reboot system manually to see the same behavior again! You may also experience other issues like Windows hangs on startup and leaves “Starting Windows” message for hours, Windows computer restarts automatically while loading, etc.

There are many problems which prevent your Windows computer to start normally. Some troubleshooting is listed below for such causes; you can try them to resolve your Windows boot up issues:

Power off and on: If Windows is not fully loaded then it won’t start properly. Hence you need to do it manually.

Restart: Sometimes things won’t execute accurately in computers as they should. This might be because of installed Windows updates or of any other major modification to OS. So restart may help Windows to get on to track.

Safe Mode: If forced restart fails to work, try to launch it in Safe Mode; as it frees applications which freeze on processing.

System restore: Windows may freeze, stop, or reboot during startup due to damage to driver, important file, or part of registry. System Restore may aid to bring all those to working condition.

Scan for malware: A virus might be preventing your Windows from starting properly. So scan and remove virus via Safe mode

Look for electrical shorts: Any electrical short inside your computer may result in reboot loops and strong freezes during Windows boot up. So find and fix those shorts.

If none of these techniques help you in fixing Windows startup problem or if you find it difficult to do it yourself then you can fix it with the help of Yodot, since it is providing an easy and harmless way to fix freezing, rebooting and many other Windows startup issues.

Vigorous tool to resolve Windows startup issues:

With the help of Yodot Speed Up PC you can easily solve startup issues of your Windows computer, without removing or modifying anything on your system. The smart tool effortlessly fixes various system errors that prevent your computer from starting and improves its performance in great extent. The application defrags system hard drive cautiously, clears junks and free space on your computer drive to make it run fast. The intellectual utility manages Startup apps so you will not come across any Windows boot up issues further. It automatically repairs all issues related to your system, augments OS availability by fixing registry and other errors. With assistance of inbuilt Scheduler you can achieve auto-cleanup and maintain good working of operating system. There is no restriction on version of OS to use this tool as you can utilize it on all versions of Windows OS.

Procedure to resolve Windows startup problems:

  • Take Yodot Speed Up PC program by clicking on above Download link
  • Install application on your Windows desktop / laptop and launch
  • Wait for System Scan window
  • Click on Continue button to get Scan Result
  • Look into Scan Result and select issues which you wish to resolve
  • Begin secure fixation of identified issues By clicking Fix Issues button


  • Find and remove back resource-hogging programs which affect your computer
  • Keep your Windows registry clean

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