My Computer Is Really Slow, How Can I Make It Faster?

Every Windows user may face this problem after few years of computer usage. During initial years, your system speed will be awesome. But what degrades its performance later? There are various facts responsible for sudden slowdown of Windows computer, in those few are presented here:

  • Multiple users logged on to computer
  • Execution of several AV programs
  • Numerous programs running during Windows startup
  • Running advanced and multiple programs simultaneously
  • Recently installed software, OS or Driver updates
  • Contradictory programs loading at startup
  • Usage of third-party browser plug-ins
  • Years of cluttered files
  • Low disk space for boot partition
  • Presence of more fragments
  • Misaligned partition
  • Insufficient RAM
  • Infection of viruses like Trojans, Adware, Spyware etc

Like above, there are many factors, which can cause a steep or gradual slowdown of computer performance. To find out why Windows is operating slowly, you must first discover when slowness appears. By following below methods you can find and fix it:

  • When starting up: If system taking more time to display desktop or login page then scan for virus and check if your computer is virus free
  • During program execution: If computer loads for long time when you start some programs then you need to check whether you have multiple security products
  • While browsing: First ensure that you are owning the speed, which was offered by service provider. Remove additional plug-ins or extensions. Also look, if you have multiple firewalls
  • Gradual degradation: It might be due to presence of cluttered or fragmented data from years. Use disk-defragmentation or clean up years of temporary files.

With a lot of different settings, files and programs, it is tough to recognize what is actually slowing down your PC. Alone you can’t do it successfully. So you need to employ obligatory technical procedure to restore pace and performance of your computer. To aid you in the process of speeding up computer, Yodot is with you.

Boost your computer’s pace with Yodot tool:

To make your Windows desktops and laptops faster and more responsive, Yodot team presents an automated way called Yodot Speed Up PC. The intellectual tool effortlessly clears junks, fixes system errors and improves computer performance. The application defrags system drive carefully and efficiently cleans free space in less span of time. It boosts up rapidity to a great extent by managing Startup apps. In order to load web pages faster it completely removes cache, browser history, etc. The reliable software fasten PC or laptop by deep cleaning unwanted data, junk files, temporary files and other garbage from computer. It also auto-fixes all issues related to system performance and increase its availability by resolving registry as well as other errors. With assistance of its Schedule option you can accomplish automate cleanup process, which keeps computer running like new. The tool is compatible with 32bit and 64bit of Windows OS of all versions.

Directions for using the software

  • Click Download button present above and take Yodot Speed Up PC program
  • Install software and run
  • Wait for the completion of System Scan
  • Proceed further by clicking on Continue button
  • Go through Scan Result and mark issues for fixation
  • Click on Fix Issues button to safely repair detected problems


  • Avoid downloading or saving unnecessary files
  • Leave habit of installing needless applications

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