Many thanks, top customer service in the USA, you could teach our British customer services a thing or two!!

Chris Marmont. GB, UK.

Thank you so much for quick response. I have recovered everything I thought I had lost, very pleased with the service.

Joseph Melia, GB.

Everything worked great. Thank you also for the follow up, says a lot about your customer service.

Alejandro Odio, FL, US.

“Good product, was able to recover a deleted file that contained pictures copied from old phone in a Bluetooth file. Will recommend.. Thanks Greg...”

Greg Franz, MO, US.

“Hey. Have you ever by mistake shift-deleted files from your hard disk. I did that - 90 BG of critical data just gone - POOF !! Asked an expert what it would take to recover the data and he quoted Rs 500/GB - ie Rs 45,000/- (USD 750)!!!!. I then searched the net and found this fantastic and easy to use software at a fraction of the cost (USD 47). SPOOF !! - LIKE MAGIC ALL MY DATA IS BACK. I would strongly recommend this software. Only in the options choose "prompt" for "File Already Exists" and "Invalid File Name". This leaves full control in your hands should the condition arise. The support chat on their website too is excellent. The support person was extremely patient, technically sound, and extremely efficient in directing me to achieve my goal.”

Rasheed Mistri, Mumbai, INDIA.

“Your software saved my job. I am forever a fan! Cheers!”

Eric J Bronk, Las Vegas, USA

“Your software seems to have fixed a video of my daughter just killing it in the school holiday performance yesterday, and I'm happy to buy your software”

Selfish Mom‎, USA

“Exceptionally patient and helpful staff - ! Thank you for all your help!”

Shelly Caldwell‎, Portland, Oregon

“They have some kick ass programs”

Cajun Thibodaux‎, Larose, Louisiana