How to Find & Recover Hidden Partitions from Various Storage Devices?

Partitions are hidden for a vital reason. They contain some of the most important files, folders, and other data necessary for smooth functioning. At times, users want to access these folders for various reasons. At times, they accidentally or untentionally hide some of their partitions.
This article is here to help you find, detect, and unhide any partitions from any storage device.

Partitions are vital in organizing, storing, and managing data on internal and external storage devices, yet most users are clueless about their significance. They act like virtual dividers inside your storage devices, functioning like secret compartments, ensuring each set of data stays in its own designated area.

Various partitions hold various types of data. One might hold the operating system, another might hold your personal data and files, and a third might be a recovery partition used in case of emergencies.

Some partitions are hidden by the manufacturer by default, as they might contain essential things required for the smooth functioning of your system, such as recovery partitions, system recovery tools, pre-installed software, diagnostic utilities, and other features.

Some users might want to unhide these partitions, where they might have accidentally or intentionally hidden some of their partitions for various reasons.

Irrespective of the reason why you want to unhide the hidden or invisible partitions. This article can help you additionally if you have lost data or entire partitions from your storage device. This article also provides you with a proven solution.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s find your hidden partitions.

How to Find Hidden or Invisible Partitions?

Various solutions can help you find the hidden and unhide partitions from any internal or external storage device, such as hard drives, SSDs, USBs, Memory cards, SD cards, etc.

Please note: try these solutions with extreme caution. A wrong move can cause problems and trigger issues that make your system and data inaccessible. 

Method 1: Unhide Hidden Partitions on Windows 10 and other versions using the Disk Management

Disk Management is an inbuilt feature of the Windows operating system that allows users to manage, view, create, delete, format, resize, and assign their internal and external disk drives and partitions.

1: In the Windows search bar, type in “Disk Management” and click on “Create and format hard disk partitions.”

2: A list of all the drives and partitions will be displayed on your screen. Hidden partitions typically do not have an assigned drive letter, are usually small in size, and are sometimes listed as “Recovery” or “EFI System Partition.”

3: Right-click on the partition you think is hidden and select the Change Drive Letter and Paths.

4: Click on Add, choose the drive letter from the dropdown menu, and click on OK.

The partition will be displayed in the File Explorer with the newly assigned drive letter. You must repeat the process to unhide any other partition(s).

As mentioned earlier, unhiding the hidden partitions is usually safe. However, you must avoid deleting or modifying files within them, as some of these files are absolutely essential for a proper system’s functioning.    

Method 2: Find Hidden Partitions Using Command-line tools

Diskpart is a command-line disk partition option available in the Windows operating system. It allows Windows users to manage the drive’s disk partitions and volumes using the command prompt interface. 

Diskpart allows you to perform multiple disk-related tasks, including creating, deleting, formatting, resizing, assigning new drive letters, and changing attribute partitions.

1: Open the Command Prompt application and run it as an Administrator.

run command prompt as admin

2: Type in the “diskpart” command and hit the Enter button.

3: Type the “list disk” command and press the Enter button. This command displays the complete list of all the drives and disks connected to your computer.

4: Locate the disk that contains the hidden or invisible partitions that you want to unhide.

For example, Your SD card has hidden partitions, or your USB has hidden partitions. 

5: You need to select the partition and hit the Enter button. Here, you need to type in “select partition A” (replace the “A” with the partition number that was displayed earlier) and hit the Enter button.

6: Type in the “assign letter **=** B” command (Replace the “B” with the desired drive letter). 

7: Type the “exit” command and hit the Enter key to exit the Diskpart utility.

The Disk Management and the File Explorer will now display the assigned partition or the drive.

You can lose access to hidden partitions for many reasons, including partition table corruption, disk formatting, software errors, and accidental deletion.

Irrespective of the reason, if you lose your data or an entire partition. The next section talks about the recovery of hidden partitions from any internal or external drives.

Recovery of Hidden Partitions

If you have lost your partitions, tools like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery Software can help you recover them and the saved data. 

Yodot is a specialist tool that uses advanced deep scan technology to search for lost, deleted, or missing partitions even invisible volumes from any storage device.

Steps to Recover Hidden Partitions using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery Software

1: Download the tool on your Windows system on a different partition. 

find hidden partitions using the yodot hard drive recovery software

2: From the Next screen, click on the Partition Recovery option, click on the Drive or the Partition from where you want to recover, and click on the Next option.

select the drive from where you want to find hidden partitions

3: The tool will start scanning the selected drive. 

Yodot will start searching for the hidden or lost partitions

4: A list of all the partitions recovered from them.

the recovered partitions that were hidden earlier will get displayed on your screen.

5: Yodot will display a list of all the recovered data. You can either select the specific files or skip this step altogether and recover everything.

list of all recovered data from the hidden partitions

6: Double-click on the Preview option to view the recovered files.

preview the recovered data

7: Once you have selected the files, folders, data, or partitions that you want to recover. Select a location to restore them.

save the recovered data from partitions on any location of your choice

You have now recovered your hidden partitions using the Yodot Recovery Software. If you have faced any issues with the tool or during the recovery process. I recommend you contact our Tech Support team.


Finding or revealing hidden partitions can be a demanding task. But it can be done with patience, careful diligence, and the right tools. 

This article dives deeper into the issue. We have discussed the reasons for hiding partitions, understood their significance, and provided methods to reveal partitions that are hidden by default or that you might have hidden for whatever reason.

Solutions like Disk Management and the DiskPart command using the Command Prompt can help. Additionally, we have discussed how specialized tools like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery Software can help you recover partitions that were deleted, lost, missing, or invisible from any storage device.

I am sure after following these solutions. You were able to find the hidden partitions and help you recover them as well.