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What is ScanPST.exe?

What is ScanPST? This article is an introductory guide to ScanPST and everything about it. Here, you will learn how to use ScanPST to repair corrupt PST files with ease. If you are looking for strong alternatives to ScanPSt make sure to try Yodot Outlook PST Repair!

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How to Transfer Outlook Profile To New Computer?

Transferring your Outlook to a new computer is something you need to check off your list. But how? This article will not only help you transfer your Outlook profile using 3 different methods but also teach you how to transfer all Outlook attributes along with your profile! If you would like the most convenient and efficient Outlook profile transfer experience, do give Yodot Move Outlook PST a try!

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Fixed: How to Fix 0xc00d36e5 Can’t Play Error?

When you try to play a video on your Windows computer, an error message saying “Item is unplayable – please reacquire the content. 0xc00d36e5” pops up. Several reasons, such as codec issues, outdated video drivers, corrupt video files, media player incompatibility, and many others, could contribute to this problem.

Don’t worry, you can fix the unplayable 0xc00d36e5 error by yourself. Just follow the steps in this article to solve the video playback issue without any hassle.

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How to Corrupt a Word Document?

Looking to corrupt a Word Document? Do not worry, using this article you will be able to corrupt your Word file before your deadline no matter how close. The reviewer will be able to receive your file but won’t be able to open it! For the best possible results, make sure to use the corrupt Any File online tool!

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Crucial SSD Data Recovery

Crucial SSD Recovery | (Recovering Deleted, Disappeared, Formatted, Lost Data from Any Crucial SSD Drive)

Did you delete your important files or lost your data due to any reason from your internal or external Crucial SSD drive? If you are reading this, I am sure you have. I’m also sure that you are wondering how to recover files after deleting them from Crucial SSD or something along those lines, depending on your situation.
Stick till the end of this article, and follow the instructions mentioned, I guarantee you will recover back your data from any, absolutely any Crucial SSD drive.

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Fix SSD Not Being Detected in Disk Management or File Explorer

Have you encountered the issue of an SSD not being recognized on your Windows system? Learn various solutions, such as updating the drivers, connecting the problematic device to another computer, running the hardware device troubleshooter, and more.
If you lose data or files from your SSD drive, you can always count on Yodot Hardware Recovery Tool for super safe and quick data recovery.

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find hidden partitions

How to Find & Recover Hidden Partitions from Various Storage Devices?

Partitions are hidden for a vital reason. They contain some of the most important files, folders, and other data necessary for smooth functioning. At times, users want to access these folders for various reasons. At times, they accidentally or untentionally hide some of their partitions.
This article is here to help you find, detect, and unhide any partitions from any storage device.

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Transfer data from HDD to SSD

NVMe Data Recovery: Recovering Data From Your NVMe Drive

NVMe data recovery is a fairly tricky ordeal, but can work if you take all the necessary action, and follow the necessary precautions. This article will showcase effective methods that you can use to recover data from your NVMe SSD. If you wish to streamline the process and maximize your chances of recovery, use professional recovery software like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery!

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