Hard Drive Recovery of Permanently Deleted Files | Internal and External Hard Drive

Are you wondering “How to Recover Permanently Deleted Data from Your Hard Drive”? This article is here to help. It will show you all the possible ways to recover any type of file or entire drive data.
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Can you ever recover permanently deleted files from Hard Drive? The answer is yes. Find out how to do it with the solutions mentioned in this article. 

In today’s digital era, the major concern is usually the safety of data saved on your system’s hard drive. There are a number of ways your data might get deleted or lost, become corrupt, or be rendered inaccessible or useless.

This article specifically focuses on helping Windows users recover permanently deleted data from internal or external hard drives. However, you can also use these solutions to recover data from any other external storage device, such as USB, Flash Drive, SSD, etc., and in any data loss situations and scenarios.

Keen on getting back permanently deleted data from hard disk? Let’s not beat around the bush any longer and start recovering permanently deleted data from the Hard Drive now.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Hard Drive? (Internal and External Drives)

You can try solutions like restoring backups (if you have any) or using Windows-specific tools like Previous Versions or File History (if they are enabled). You can also try free tools like Microsoft Windows File Recovery Software (which might or might not work). If these solutions do not work for you for whatever reason. You can always rely on tools like Yodot File Recovery Software. These tools are guaranteed to work, provided the permanently deleted data is not overwritten with any new data. 

Additionally, you can get in touch with specialized services that help you in restoring permanently erased files. 

We have explained all of these solutions in-depth in this section. 

Method 1: Restore Permanently Deleted Data from Hard Drive using Backups

Backups are vital when it comes to protecting your data and ensuring you can easily restore it in case of data loss or file system or drive corruption.

If you have taken backups and stored them on any external drive like external hard drives, SSDs, USBs, or Flash Drives. Or used cloud backup services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, or OneDrive.

You just need to connect it to your system and move or transfer the backup copies of the files from the device to your system, and you are good to go.

For cloud Backups, you need to log in to your Cloud account, find the necessary files, and download them to your system.

If you have enabled the Previous Versions option in your system. I highly recommend you try that as well.

Method 2: Restore Permanently Deleted Data from Hard Drive using Previous Versions

Previous Version is a built-in option in Windows operating systems that, when enabled, allows users to restore an earlier version of files, folders, or drives. 

This option creates a snapshot of files, folders, and drives at specific points in time, called previous versions. Which can be restored later at any point in time.

Steps to Restore Previous Versions of Hard Drive Data that Was Permanently Deleted 

  1. Navigate to the location or the drive where your files were saved before they got permanently deleted.
  2. Right-click, and from the options menu, select the Properties option and click on the Previous versions tab. 
  3. The Previous Version window will appear on your screen. It contains all available snapshots or versions and their creation dates.
  4. Choose the most appropriate version. I recommend you choose the one that was created before you encountered the data loss.
  5. Click on the Restore button and click on the Apply button to complete the process.

As mentioned earlier, if you are someone who doesn’t have a backup nor have you activated options like Previous Versions. Then, you can try specialized data recovery tools. 

The next solution on this list is Microsoft Windows File Recovery.

Method 3: Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Hard Drive Using the Microsoft Windows File Recovery Tool

Microsoft Windows File Recovery Tool is a command-line utility developed by Microsoft. This tool allows users to recover permanently deleted files from external hard drives and other devices as well as internal drives.

Even though this is a free tool, it has its own drawbacks and limitations. It’s a command-line interface, which can be daunting for users who are not well-versed in Command Prompt. Using this tool can be time-consuming and resource-straining. The chance of recovering files is not very promising. Even if you could recover your files, in some cases, the recovered files might get corrupted or incomplete, especially if your drive was heavily used. 

Refer to this article to learn how to use the Microsoft Windows File Recovery tool.

Method 4: Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Hard Disk Using Yodot 

Yodot is a best in class permanently deleted data recovery software capable of performing deep scans and recovering practically any file format and type right from photos and videos, documents to office files, and everything in between. 

Yodot File Recovery Software has been rigorously tested in real-time data loss scenarios. 

Additionally, you also get free support from our industry leading experts.

Yodot simply works. Do not take our word; click on the download button and try the tool for yourself.

Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Hard Drive Using Yodot

1: Download and install Yodot software on a healthy computer Windows or Mac computer.

2: Launch the program from the utility’s main screen. Click on the ‘Deleted File Recovery’ option to restore permanently erased files.

select the deleted file recovery option

3: From the next window. Select the partition or entire hard disk from where you deleted data and initiate the scanning procedure by clicking the Next button.

Note: If you want to recover permanently deleted data from an external hard drive. Then you need to connect it to your system and then select it, and start the drive scanning process.

select the hard drive from where you want to recover permanently deleted files

4: Upon completion of the rescue process, the user can view recovered data in ‘File Type View’ or ‘Data View.’

a list of all recovered files that earlier deleted from your hard drive

5: Select the files and then save them to your preferred location on your system hard disk or any external storage device.

Do note: Do not save the recovered data in the same original location from when it was recovered.

save the data that was recovered from the hard drive

This marks the completion of the recovery process. You have safely extracted permanently deleted files from the hard drive using the Yodot data recovery tool.

If this solution has also failed, you can rely on professional data recovery services. More on that in the next solution.

Method 5: Get Back Data Permanently Deleted from the Hard Disk Using the Data Recovery Service

The final option for permanently deleted data recovery from a hard disk is to contact nearby hard drive recovery professionals and use their specialized data recovery services.

These specialists employ highly sophisticated tools and techniques that normal users have no knowledge or expertise in, thereby helping you retrieve permanently deleted files from your hard drive and other drives. 

Additionally, this professional can also be extremely helpful in case of severe data loss where all other solutions have failed.

But I would also like to say these services are much more expensive than trying tools like Yodot. Additionally, these tools might take days, weeks, and, in some cases, months to recover permanently deleted files from hdd.

Remember to always use only reliable and genuine services since your drive might contain sensitive or confidential information or data. There’s a high chance that your data might get misused or end up in the wrong hands. 

You are now well equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques to recover permanently deleted data from your hard disk. Now that we have discussed all possible solutions to help you recover permanently deleted files from your hard drive let’s quickly understand why data can be deleted permanently from your system and your devices so that we can ensure we don’t encounter the same issue again in the future.

  • When an entire hard drive is formatted to overcome certain problems or re-formatted to change the file system without taking proper data backups.
  • Emptying the Recycle Bin folder without checking the files it contains permanently erases the data from the hard drive.
  • It is possible to accidentally delete data forever while using the ‘Shift-Delete’ keys to erase unwanted or junk data.
  • Sometimes, antivirus software can permanently delete data while scanning the hard disk for viruses, malware, or other dangerous threats.


Recovering files, especially ones that are gone forever, is a challenging process. But the tools and techniques are explained in this article. Like backups, previous versions, Microsoft Windows File History, Yodot File Recovery software, and specialized data recovery services, are all discussed in depth to help you get permanently deleted data back from any internal or external hard drive without stress. 

Additionally, I have described all the reasons behind the permanent deletion of files from hard disk drives.