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How To Restore Deleted Files In Window 10/11 Using Microsoft Windows File Recovery Tool?

Have you accidentally deleted an important file from your Windows system?  Looking for the deleted data in the Recycle Bin which is also empty? Did you know you can now recover your files for free using Windows File Recovery Tool? This article has everything you need to know about Windows File Recovery and the best alternative to save your day and recover all your data. Table Of Content: What is Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery Tool? Different Types of Modes To[…]

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How to Fix “Getting Windows ready, don’t turn off your computer” Problem

How to Recover Missing One Drive Files in Windows 10

One Drive is a file hosting service by Microsoft that allows you to store files on the cloud. But even though you store files on the cloud using OneDrive, there are certain situations when One Drive files can go missing. If you have lost One Drive files or folders from your Windows 10 computer, this article will help you with some valuable tips to find such files. To find missing One Drive files, the first and easiest solution is to[…]

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Repair Disk and File System Problems on Your Mac

How You Can Easily Resolve ‘No Time Machine Backup Found’ on Mac

Although Time Machine is an excellent backup utility on your Mac machines, it is not entirely fail-safe. One can run into issues with Time Machines once in a while due to various reasons. Some common issues you can encounter are ‘No Time Machine backup found’, ‘Time Machine could not be mounted’, ‘the volume is read-only’ and such. In this article, let us dig deeper into the error ‘No Time Machine backup found’ and understand the reasons and some solutions to[…]

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How to Save Outlook Emails on a Local Hard Drive?

Don’t want to lose your important Outlook emails at any instance? Then, immediately save Outlook PST or OST emails to your local hard drive to preserve them forever.   Don’t bother about losing your important Outlook emails anymore. You can save (backup) all your Outlook emails onto the local hard drive of your computer or even onto an external hard drive to use it whenever you need. This is the cloud era. Of course, the cloud is the best means[…]

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