How to Repair CCTV Video Footage?

CCTV cameras are vital for security in workplaces, homes, and public events. However, you may encounter issues such as corrupt footage, videos not playing, or choppy playback. Don’t worry! Read this article to discover effective solutions for repairing corrupt CCTV footage easily

CCTV cameras capture videos and store them 24*7 helping you constantly monitor your home or workspace etc. Some of the popular CCTV manufacturers like Bosch, Hikvision, Google Nest, and SimpliCam are known to capture high-quality videos and provide wide-angle monitoring.

Ideally, the captured CCTV videos would be stored on an SD card, hard drive, or cloud storage. Even well-built cameras with advanced features can’t claim that they are corruption-proof.

The CCTV footage can get corrupted due to various reasons, read the next section to know more about it.

How CCTV Videos Get Corrupted?

Here are some reasons for CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) video corruption:

  • Hardware issues: If there’s an issue with the recording device or the storage device then it could lead to corrupted footage. It could be faulty hardware components, overheating, or damaged SD cards or hard drives.
  • Transfer Errors: Any disruption during CCTV footage transfer from the source to the destination can corrupt the CCTV camera footage.
  • Software Issues: If the software used to record, view, or manage the CCTV footage has bugs, glitches, or compatibility issues with the operating system it can also cause corruption.
  • Physical damages: Damages due to extreme weather conditions, power surges, or electrical interference can sometimes corrupt CCTV footage.

However, there is still a very healthy chance to repair the corrupt CCTV video, all you need to do is choose a reliable CCTV video repair tool to fix the corrupt video.

How to Fix CCTV Not Playing Issue / Repair Corrupt CCTV Video?

From simple hacks to professional video repair tools try all the solutions below to repair your CCTV footage, Make sure you have a copy of the video file for safekeeping.

1. Transfer the Video File Again:

Maybe the incomplete transfer could be causing playback issues, a black screen while playing, or stopping CCTV videos from playing. Try transferring the video file again from the CCTV camera SD card and playing it.

2. Update or Try a Different Media Player

When your CCTV video files are blurry or choppy, it could be due to the CCTV video file format not being supported by the media player.

Updating the current media player, if that doesn’t help, try using different media players like VLC to play the CCTV video. If VLC doesn’t play the video file, then try the next solution.

3. Update the Display Driver

When your computer lacks the necessary drivers to play CCTV video, consider updating them. These updates are usually included in the OS updates themselves.

Try updating the OS, or else update the Display driver on your computer.

To update the display driver: Open Device Manager > Expand Display adapters > right-click on the driver > select update driver.

Now try playing the video file it should play, if it doesn’t play then the video is corrupted and it requires a professional repair tool to fix it.

With hundreds of video repair tools claiming to fix corrupt video files, make sure to choose a reliable and easy-to-use tool to get the job done.

4. Professional Video Repair Tool

We recommend you try Yodot Video Repair to fix your corrupt CCTV footage as it supports repairing commonly used CCTV video formats like AVI, MP4, and MOV files with simple clicks and the tool is completely safe and easy to use.

Steps to use Yodot Video Repair to Repair Corrupt CCTV Footage

Step 1: Download and Install Yodot Video Repair software on your computer.
Step 2: Launch the software and choose the corrupt video file.

launch the tool and repair the corrupt cctv footage

Step 3: Click on the Repair button to start the video repair process.

repairing the corrupted cctv footage

Step 4: Once the video repair process is done, you can check the preview of the recovered video file and save it on your device.

preview the repaired cctv videos files and save them

In case you need any help while repairing videos, you can use the free support to contact the experts.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Corruption in CCTV Video

  • Maintenance: Ensure that you periodically check all your complete surveillance kits to ensure they are working properly.
  • Use Reliable storage devices: Always use branded SD cards and hard disks to store the CCTV videos.
  • Update Software: Keep CCTV software, firmware, and drivers up to date to minimize compatibility issues that could lead to corruption.


To sum up, CCTV videos are very important, irrespective of when and where it is used. One cannot simply afford to lose it to corruption. You can try the solutions in this article to repair the corruption in your CCTV footage.