How to Repair a Corrupt Video File?

Fed up with corrupt video!! Looking for ways to repair your corrupt video? Use this article to fix the issue; if you are looking for an immediate way to solve the error, then the Yodot Video Repair tool is the only way.

How to Repair Corrupt Videos

I had a similar problem with a corrupted video file that I could not open with my video player. Installing other media players did not solve the problem. When trying to open the file, media players only gave an error message. Something like this: “This file is either corrupted or not supported.” This seemed strange to me since the file had a valid size and extension. I was pretty sure the video data was still in the file. 


Above the user faced a corrupted video file error, when he tried to play his video in a media player. This article has a solution for the problem, like for the users who went through the same issue. Let’s get to know the causes of how video file becomes corrupted before knowing the solutions to fix the error. 

Symptoms of a Corrupt Video File:

Audio Sync Issue – The audio will not be in sync with the video; the audio plays before or after the video. This can be the symptom of a corrupt MP4/MOV video.

Missing Audio Video Codec – If the Codec is missing in the media player or is incompatible with the media players, it is a sign of video corruption.

Slow Video Playback – If the playback of the video is slow or takes too much time to load, this can be a symptom of MP4 video corruption.

Error Messages – The Media Player pops up an error message saying, “The file cannot be opened,” “The file format is not supported,” etc.

Video Plays with Error –  Your video, for example, MOV video freezes on precise spots while playing the video, jerking, etc.; this clearly indicates a corrupt video file.

Causes for Corrupt MP4/MOV Video File

Hardware or Software Issues – Obsolete hardware or software can cause an issue with the player and might lead to video file corruption.

Interruptions While Recording – Interruptions like power failure, low battery, etc., lead to the corruption of the video file.

File System Errors – This issue is caused by storage devices or damaged hard drives.

Virus Intrusion – Any malware on your system will corrupt the video file and makes the file unplayable. Always make sure that you keep your system virus free. 

Shutting Down Improperly – Shutting down the system improperly while playing the video or turning off the device while recording the video will lead to corruption.

Road Map to Repair Corrupt Video Files 

In this section we will see about the possible solutions on how to repair corrupted video files:

Switch To a Different Video Player

Playing the video in a different video player can fix the corrupted video. However, sometimes the media player will throw an error due to technical issues and other reasons. So, try playing the video in a different player and check whether the problem is solved. 

Change the Video File Format

Changing the file format might fix the corrupted video issue. For example, changing the MP4 file format to AVI format will fix the error. Try this method and get rid of the issue.

Repair Corrupt Videos by Using VLC Media Player:

  1. Fix Corrupted MP4 & MOV Video Files with Transcoding by Using VLC

This method will make the MP4 & MOV Video Files play in an incompatible media player by transcoding using VLC. For example, QuickTime Player may not play MP4 videos if it is not encoded with MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 codecs. Follow the steps below to repair MP4 & MOV files with transcoding by using VLC:

  • First, open the VLC Media Player and click on Media Convert/Save.
Click on media and convert and save to fix corrupted mp4 file
  • An Open Media window will appear on that click on Add to attach the MP4 & MOV file, which must be transcoded.
Click on add to attach the file and to repair mov file
  • Click on Convert/Save, and in the Convert screen, give the file name and location in the Destination file option.
  • Click the preferred input codec, which is available on the Profile list.
  • You can change the specified profile settings by choosing Edit Selected Profile and creating a new profile or deleting any existing one. And finally, click Start
  1. MP4 and MOV Repair by VLC Video Fix Feature

Change the MP4 and MOV file extensions to .avi extension to use this feature and also use this feature to repair corrupt file index and file header etc.

Note – Work on the copy of the MP4/MOV file to avoid further issues.

Follow the steps to repair MOV/MP4 files using the AVI extension in VLC:

  • Select the file by right-clicking on it and click on Rename to rename the file to the .avi extension and hit Enter
  • Launch the VLC and select Tools Preferences Input or Codecs
click on tools preferences
  • Select Always Fix from the drop-down menu next to Repair AVI Files.
click on always fix to repair corrupt video file
  • And click on Save.

Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Files on Mac Via QuickTime

Using the QuickTime media player, you can check and repair corrupt video files on your Mac. Follow the steps below to fix your corrupt MP4 video file by Quicktime player.

  • Play the video in QuickTime, select the window tab, and click on Show Movie Inspector; you can see the details of the MP4 video file.
select show movie inspector to repair corrupt video file on mac
  • If the black screen appears, the MP4 video file might be corrupted, and then select the Edit option below the QuickTime menu.
  • Select PreferencesQuickTime Preferences and click on Update to update the player.
  • In the end, Restart the QuickTime player. 

None of the methods worked out. So then the video is severely corrupt, but not to worry, you can repair corrupt video files using video repair software like the Yodot Video Repair tool.

Corrupt Video File Repair Using Efficient Video Repair Tool – Yodot Video Repair

The Yodot Video Repair tool is built with an advanced algorithm to repair severely corrupted or damaged video files. The software works in a read-only mode, so it will not affect the original video file, and even a novice user can use the software to repair the video file due to its simple user interface. Download and try the tool now to fix your corrupted videos.

Steps To Repair Corrupt Video by Yodot Video Repair:

  • Download and install the Yodot Video Repair tool using the above-given download buttons.
  • Once you launch the tool, select the corrupted video file by clicking Browse and then click on the Repair buttons.
select corrupt video file
  • Now the software starts repairing the corrupted video file.
repairing the corrupted video
  • The application lets you Preview the repaired video file to evaluate the success rate.
preview the repaired corrupt video file
  • Finally, once you are satisfied with the repaired video, Save it in the desired location.

Tips to Avoid Video File From Corruption:

  • Make a copy of the original video file so that if something happens to the original video file, a copy of the file will save you from the issue.
  • Back up the video file in a different medium, such as USB, Cloud Storage, etc.
  • Keep your OS and antivirus updated.


We have well researched the topic and covered the possible ways to repair the corrupted video. Use the manual methods effectively to fix the issue. If your video file is severely corrupt or damaged, use the Yodot Video Repair tool to fix the corrupted videos quickly.