How to Repair and Extract Data from Corrupted Zip Files?

The Zip file is corrupted!!! Wondering how to recover or extract your important data from it? You have landed on the right page; this article will help recover data from the corrupted zip files with some tried and tested manual methods.

ZIP file is one of the most common formats used to store data in a compressed manner. Zip files are used to minimize the size of large files, making it easier to store and send the files to other people.

However, just like all other file formats, Zip files are also prone to get corrupted and losing your important data. This article will discuss repairing and extracting data from corrupted zip files.

What is a Corrupted Zip File?

A corrupted zip file is a zip file that has got damaged or incomplete due to some errors or interruptions during compressing or extracting data from it. The data in a corrupted zip file may not open or extract properly, and some or all of the data/files might be damaged or lost. So, how do we know if a Zip file is corrupted? We usually receive error messages, files go missing, and unreadable data may indicate a corrupt zip file.

What are the Reasons Behind a Corrupted or Damaged ZIP File?

A Zip file is corrupted or damaged for various reasons, such as hardware failure, malware attacks, system crash, or human errors. Let’s try to understand them in detail:

  • Hardware Failure: Zip files can get corrupted if the hardware, like a hard drive or SSD that contains the zip file, is damaged.
  • Virus or Malware Infection: A Zip file can get corrupted or damaged due to malware or virus attacks.
  • Incomplete downloads: There is a possibility that the zip file can be corrupted if you did not download it properly or if there was a problem with the network while downloading it.
  • Software or System Issues: A Zip file can get damaged or corrupted if there is an issue with the software or operating system used to create, compress or extract the zip files.
  • Power Outages: In the event of power failure or any other kind of electrical interruption during the compression or extraction process can lead to a corrupted zip file.
  • File System Errors: zip files might get corrupted due to bad sectors, disk errors, or any other errors in the file system.
  • Human Error: Accidental deletion or modification of the zip files can also result in corruption or damage.

How to Fix and Recover Data from Corrupted Zip Files?

Recovering data from a corrupted ZIP file can be tricky. However, here are some most effective solutions to fix and extract data from your corrupted zip files.

Method 1: Fix the Corrupted Zip File by Renaming the File Extension

Renaming the file extension is one of the easiest methods to extract data from a corrupted zip file. Suppose the zip file is not severely corrupt or damaged. In that case, you can change the file extension from .zip to any other extension like .rar or .7z, allowing you to extract your files using WinRAR or 7-Zip tools. 

  • Right-click on the Zip file that is corrupted and click on the Rename option.  
  • Now, change the .zip extension to .rar or .7z.

Method 2: Repair Corrupted Zip File Using a Built-in Repair Tool

There are various ZIP programs that can fix minor corruption issues using built-in repair tools. 

Steps to Repair Corrupt Zip Files Using WinZip:

  •  Right-click on the corrupt zip file and select the Open with WinZip option.
  • Click on the Repair option in the toolbar.

Suppose your zip file had a minor issue; this tool can fix it. You could move to the next method if the repair tool fails to fix the corrupted or damaged zip files.

Method 3: Extract the Files Manually/Individually 

You can extract some of the files individually depending on whether the zip file is not majorly damaged.

  • Open the ZIP file that is corrupted or damaged using any zip program.
  • If you can view the files using the tool, extract each file individually.

Even if the zip file as a whole is corrupt, some of the files might still be recoverable. In case of major corruption, move to the next method.

Method 4: Repair Damaged ZIP File Using Hex Editor

A hex editor can help you view and edit a file’s binary data and extract the data from the corrupt zip file manually. Go through the steps below to repair the corrupted zip file Using Hex Editor. 

  • In the hex editor, open the ZIP file
  • Extract the file header of each file by searching for it
  • Copy and paste the binary data on the new file and save it with the correct file extension.

If none of the methods mentioned above work, you can always rely on a file repair tool like the Yodot Zip Repair to recover the files from the corrupt zip file.

Method 5: Try Yodot ZIP Repair Tool to Fix a Broken ZIP File

The Yodot ZIP Repair is made of an advanced algorithm that helps repair and recover data from corrupted or inaccessible ZIP/ZIPX files which were corrupted due to various data loss scenarios. This tool also has the ability to repair the corrupt zip file and recover the data even the root files in a ZIP archive using the “# lost file” option. Download and try this tool for free. 


Steps to Fix and Extract Data From Corrupted/Damaged Zip Files:

  • Download and install the Yodot ZIP Repair tool on your system.
  • Click on Browse to select the corrupt ZIP / ZIPX file or the folder with splitted file parts and click on Repair
Click on repair to fix corrupted zip file
  • Now, the software scans and shows the repaired file contents.
The software shows the repaired file contents of corrupt zip file
  • Later click Next → Select Folder to choose the location to save the recovered file.
Select the folder to save
  • Finally, click on Save.


Even though data loss can be frustrating and stressful, there are various ways to recover data from damaged or corrupted zip files. You might be able to recover all or part of your data from a corrupted zip file using the methods described in this article. However, it’s always a good habit to create backups of your important files to avoid losing them.