How to Fix Corrupt MOV Video on Mac?

MOV file corruption can occur for various reasons, such as incomplete transfers or downloads, improper conversions, sudden power outages, software errors, viruses, malware attacks, etc.

Read this article to learn different ways to fix corrupt .mov files on Mac devices and avoid such issues in the future.

A MOV file is a multimedia container that has video, audio, and text in separate tracks within the same file, these files have very little or no compressions in them which results in great video quality and substantial file size.

Since the MOV files were originally developed by Apple.Inc they can be easily used in Mac’s native player QuickTime to play or edit video files.

When you notice signs such as being unable to open the MOV file, only audio playing in the MOV file, or the MOV video not playing at all, that’s when the problem arises, and you will have to take action to fix the broken MOV file.

However, make sure to perform some pre-checks before proceeding with serious repairs.

Prechecks Before Repairing MOV File on Mac

If your MOV file isn’t playing or has issues, it might not be the file itself, but the tools you’re using. Do some pre-checks to avoid simple problems and save time, effort, and resources.

Try a Different Media Player: When there is a playback issue on your current Media player it could be due to incompatible codecs, try a different media player like VLC, KM Player, etc.

Outdated Software: Outdated media players may not have the necessary codecs to support the video file play, updating them can fix the issue.

Verify File Location: Check if the location of the MOV file is in an accessible and undamaged sector. if not move them to a healthy space and try playing the MOV file.

If corruption persists after trying all the above steps, then corruption is likely the culprit affecting your MOV file. You will need to repair the corrupt .mov file on mac to restore your videos to their normal state. Continue reading to explore solutions.

3 Solutions on How to Repair MOV Files on Mac

NOTE: As a precaution, make a copy of the MOV file and try the following solutions listed below

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Player has built-in functions to fix minor corruption issues on Videos, but you will have to change the file extension from .mov to .avi to repair using VLC.

a. Use Always Fix

  • Open the renamed video in the VLC media player, Click on VLC Media Player, and choose Preferences.
  • Click on the Input/Codec tab.
  • Expand the drop-down next to Repair AVI Files, choose Always Fix, and click on Save.

Choose a safe location to save the video file, and try playing it. It should play. If the video does not play, proceed to the next solution.

b. Transcode MOV Video File

When the video files won’t play on VLC Player, use the Convert/Stream feature to change the video file to a VLC-compatible format.

  • Launch the VLC Media Player, click on File, and select Convert/Stream.
  • Click on Open Media, and select the MOV File that you wish to convert, click on Customize.
  • Click on the Encapsulation tab, and select any file format of your choice. Click Apply.
  • Click the Save as File button at the bottom
  • Now choose a location for the video file, name the video file, and click on Save.

2. QuickTime Player

Make use of the “Inspector tool” feature on QuickTime to get the error code information that appears on the black screen while trying to play MOV File.

  • Open the MOV file on the QuickTime player.
  • Click on the Window tab and select Show Movie Inspector.
  • Now check the MOV file information

Now you can search online for the error code on the MOV file and repair the MOV file.

3. Video Repair Tool

If you can’t repair corrupt MOV file on mac using the above solution, the only option left is a dedicated Mac video repair tool. In 2024, there are hundreds of video repair software options with various claims, and some may cause more harm than good.

Therefore, be mindful of the tool you choose to fix your damaged MOV video.

We recommend using Yodot Video Repair for fixing corrupt MOV files on Mac. Why? Because this tool supports not only MOV but also other popular video formats like MP4, AVI, and more.

Whether it’s simple corruption issues, broken headers, or missing codecs, this tool has you covered. The cherry on top? It’s safe and free to download.

Steps to use Yodot Video Repair to Fix Corrupt MOV File on Mac

Step 1: Download and install the MOV Video Repair tool on your Mac
Step 2: Launch the tool, select the corrupt MOV video, and click on Repair.

launch the tool and repair the MOV video file on mac

Step 3: The tool starts repairing the corrupt MOV video file.

repairing the corrupt MOV video file on mac

Step 4: After the video repair is done, preview the recovered video file and save it on your device.

preview the repaired MOV video file on mac and save it on your device

Now you can play the MOV Video on any Media player without any hassle.

By now you would have understood that video repair is a proper job, and you will have to make the right choices when it comes to video repair. Why not take a precautionary measure to escape this?

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Tips to Avoid MOV Video Corruption in the Future

Backup: Take backups of your important MOV files on separate storage devices or cloud storage. it helps you recover your files in case of corruption or data loss.

Avoid Interrupted Downloads or Transfer: Ensure that MOV files are downloaded or transferred completely without any interruptions to avoid incomplete data which leads to data corruption.

Scan for Viruses and Malware: Regularly scan your computer using reputable and updated antivirus software to avoid damages caused by viruses and malware infection.

Professional Editing Software: Use professional-grade video editing software that offers robust file management and recovery features to avoid data corruption caused by glitches and errors.

Handle MOV Files Carefully: Handle files with care, especially during transfer or editing processes as sudden power outages or interruptions while moving or editing video files to prevent corruption.


We hope you found the article helpful in repairing corrupt MOV files on Mac and the tips useful to avoid corruption issues in the future. If your video file is important then we recommend going with a video repair tool to get the video back as it was.