8 Ways to Fix “This Video File Cannot Be Played” Error Code 232011

When streaming your preferred streamer or anime, encountering error code 232011 can be very irritating. Sometimes, it’s just a minor bug that can be resolved by simply refreshing the page. However, if that doesn’t do the trick, this article provides a list of easy-to-follow solutions to help you continue watching smoothly.

Error Code 232011 Overview

Let us begin by understanding what Error 232011 is and what causes it. Error 232011 is one among several “This video file cannot be played” errors encountered when viewing videos on desktop browsers.

The 232011 error may happen because of internet issues, like unstable connections or other network problems.

Additionally, the browser you are using may be outdated or have accumulated cache and other issues causing the 232011 video playback error. Let us fix the playback issue by addressing it from the basics.

Quick Fixes to Resolve “This Video File Cannot be Played. (Error Code: 232011)”

Try these quick fixes to resolve the error 232011:

Check the internet connection: Make sure to have a stable internet connection with good speeds or try a different network to stream the videos online.

Restart the browser: Close and reopen the browser to clear the temporary glitches affecting the video playback.

Doing these should help you get over the glitches that caused the 232011 error. If these didn’t work for you then we still have more solutions to fix the “this video file cannot be played 232011” error yourself. Continue reading.

Solutions for the “This Video Cannot Be Played Error Code 232011”

1. Clear Cache and Cookies

Try clearing the accumulated cache and cookies to refresh the browser, which could fix the video error code: 232011.

Chrome: Press Ctrl+Shift+Del and select Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files. click on Clear data.

clear the browsing data on chrome to fix video error code: 232011

Edge: Press Ctrl+Shift+Del and select Browsing history, Download history, Cookies, and other site data, Cached images and files, and click on Clear now.

clear the browsing data on edge to fix video error code: 232011

2. Open in Incognito/Private Mode

When there is an issue with the current tab, open the same URL in incognito mode to play the video normally.

Press Ctrl + Shift + N to open an incognito or private window on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

3. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration can enhance the browsing experience and media play but occasionally the CPU starts overheating and causes. Turning it off can improve the playback.

Chrome: Go to Settings, Click on System, toggle off the Use graphics acceleration when available, and click on Relaunch.

disable the hardware acceleration to solve This Video File Cannot be Played Error 232011

Edge: Type edge://settings/system on the address bar, turn off Use hardware acceleration when available, and click on Restart.

disable the hardware acceleration on edge to solve This Video File Cannot be Played Error 232011

4. Disable Browser Extensions

Some browser extensions can interfere with video playback when they are outdated or incompatible. Disable them and try playing the video to see if the error code: 232011 pops up again.

Chrome: Click on 3 vertical dots, select Extensions, choose Manage Extension, and toggle off to disable the unused or outdated extensions.

disable extension to fix 232011 Code

Edge: Click on 3 horizontal dots, click on Manage Extensions, and toggle off to disable the extensions.

disable extension to fix 232011 Code on edge

5. Update the Browser

Outdated browsers would lack the necessary updates which could cause playback issues. Updating it can resolve 232011.

Chrome: Go to Settings, click on About Chrome, and check for the latest updates.

update chrome to fix 232011 error

Edge: Go to Settings, Click on 3 Vertical lines, and choose About Microsoft Edge to view the latest updates.

update edge to fix 232011 error

6. Disable the Proxy Server Settings

Misconfigured proxy server settings can cause video playback issues, though this is less likely to happen, you can try turning it off to fix the 232011 error.

Chrome: Open Settings, select System, and click on Open your computer’s proxy settings.

open proxy settings in chrome

Edge: Open Settings, choose System and Performance and select Open your computer’s proxy settings.

open proxy settings in edge brower

This will open the proxy setup settings window,

Toggle off the Automatically detect settings & Use setup script under the Automatic proxy setup section, and toggle on Use a proxy server under Manual Proxy Setup.

disable the proxy settings to solve this video file cannot be played 232011

7. Reset the Browser Settings

If none of the previous solutions work, try resetting the browser settings. This clears all configurations and sets them to default, which could potentially fix the video playback issue.

Remember: All the customizations on your browser will be wiped off.

8. Try a different Browser

The streaming platform can be incompatible with the browser that you are using, using a different browser with better compatibility can resolve the “this video file cannot be played 232011” error.

Server Issue Causing “This Video File Cannot Be Played Error Code 232011”

When the streaming servers are down or undergoing maintenance, you may encounter a 232011 error while streaming videos. In such situations, there is nothing you can do from your end.

You can contact the support team of the streaming platform or check their forum for updates on when the server will be back.

Bonus: How to Fix Errors in Offine Videos?

Video playback errors aren’t limited to online videos; they can also occur with offline videos. In such cases, you can use a dedicated video repair tool to restore your corrupted videos.

Make sure to select a reliable tool capable of fixing multiple video formats, supporting various camera brands, and handling severe issues like “video file cannot be played” errors. Keep reading to discover one such tool.

Yodot Video Repair tool can qualify all the above and has an easy-to-use interface to help you get your videos back in a few clicks, here’s how it works.

Step 1: Launch the tool, select the video, and click on Repair.

click on the browse option and select the video file

Step 2: The tool starts repairing the corrupt video.

repairing the avi video file

Step 3: Once done, check the preview of the recovered video file and save it on your device.

preview the repaired video file


As I mentioned earlier, the error code 232011 is just one among the different video playback errors, You can notice the “224003 video playback error” also while streaming videos online. Irrespective of the error code you can try all the solutions listed above to get rid of those errors.

We hope this article helped fix your video playback error so that you can enjoy the show without any headaches.