Recover Data from RAW Partitions | Restore RAW Partitions

Are you thinking about “RAW file system recovery” or want to know “How to recover data from RAW Hard Disk” or Pendive or USB Drive? Then you have ended up in the right place. Mentioned here are solutions like backups, freewares like TestDisk and PhotoRec. You can also contact professional services near you.
For a quick and safe RAW HDD recovery process use Yodot the powerful RAW partition data recovery software available in the market.

This article on RAW Drive Recovery will help you recover files from RAW partitions as well as recover RAW partitions from any Internal or external Hard Drives, USB drives, or any other storage devices with ease.

RAW partition is a space in the storage device that has lost its file system structure. 

The moment your drive’s partitions become raw. The drive’s file system (NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, EXT, HFS+, or others) becomes corrupt and absolutely unrecognizable by the operating system.

This leads to losing access to the files and the data stored in those partitions. 

At times. You might also receive an error or a message prompting you to format your drive. 

Partitions might usually turn RAW due to file system corruption, hardware failure, virus or malware attacks, improper formatting of the drive, or a damaged partition table.

When a partition becomes raw, the data stored in it doesn’t necessarily get deleted. But it definitely becomes inaccessible to the operating system. Where you cannot access, view, or use your files.

I perfectly understand your situation, and I feel your pain.  I can help you out. Just stick with me till the end of this article, and follow my instructions, and you will have your data from the RAW drive with you in no time.

How To Recover Files or Data from RAW Partition or Hard Disk?

As mentioned earlier, the solutions like backup (which can work in all data loss scenarios). Later on, I discussed in-depth Yodot Hard Drive Recovery Software. In case, you decide to try free solutions or tools, I have mentioned tools like PhotoRec and TestDisk. The last solution in this list, in case your drive has been severely corrupt or extremely damaged, or if the earlier solutions have failed to help you with the Windows RAW partition recovery, I have discussed data recovery services near you. 

Method 1: Restore Backup Copies of RAW Partition Drive Data

Do you have any backup(s) copies of the files saved in the RAW partition? If yes, you can simply format your drive or the partition that has turned RAW and restore the backup copies in the same location. 

If you don’t have a backup of the data, then you need to try reliable data recovery tools like Yodot to access the inaccessible RAW drive data and recover it.

Method 2: Recover Partition from RAW Hard Drive Using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery Software

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery Software is a specialized RAW drive recovery tool for Windows or Mac users. It helps them recover data from RAW hard drives and other storage devices, including external hard drives, USBs, SSDs, etc.

These tools are specifically designed for severe data loss scenarios like this.

Yodot dives deeper into the partitions to search, locate, identify, and recover files, folders, and other important data from unrecognized partitions.

Recover your important files now, or lose them forever. 

Steps To Recover Data or Partitions from RAW Drive Using Yodot

1: Download the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on your system.

2: After downloading, launch the tool and click on Hard Drive Recovery → Partition Recovery.

3:  Click on partition recovery to recover files from the raw partition

Click on partition recovery to recover files from raw partition

4: In the next screen, the tool displays which has a raw partition; select the partition and hit Next.

Select the raw partition and click next to fix raw partition

5: After clicking next, the scanning process starts to find the raw partition.

6: Once the software finds the raw partition, Select or Add a file type to recover the particular file type and click Next.

7: By clicking next, the tool starts recovering the files and displays them in a Data View and File Type View.

raw drive recovered data will get displayed on your screen

8: Preview the recovered file using the Preview option.

Preview the raw drive recovery data process

9: Select the required file type and click Save to save it in your desired location.

If you don’t want to use paid tools like Yodot. You can also use free tools like Testdisk, PhotoRec, etc.

Method 3: Recover Files from RAW Hard Drive Using Free Tools

Testdisk and PhotoRec are free, open-source tools that can help you recover data from raw partitions for free; they can also help you recover files from hard drives.

TestDisk and PhotoRec are command-line-based tools that demand more technical knowledge and skills. Compared to tools like Yodot, which comes with a user-friendly graphical interface, Making them easier to use even for a completely technophobic user.

Yodot offers free customer support via call, email, or chat. Testdisk, on the other hand, offers little or no support. Users mainly have to rely on forums and other user-generated content or documentation for reference and help. 

All of these results make the RAW drive recovery process more challenging and require more effort, and they might not be the most effective solutions as well.

Even though these are free solutions, they certainly are not the best raw partition recovery software. If the free solutions were unhelpful. The next solution is to use raw HDD data recovery services to recover files from raw drives.

Method 4: Recover RAW Partition Without Losing Data Using Specialized RAW Disk Recovery Services

Specialized hard disk raw partition recovery services near you can play a vital role in recovering data from raw partitions, especially if other data recovery solutions have failed.  

Data recovery professional services have extensive experience with all mild and severe data loss scenarios, especially when it comes to recovering data from physically damaged or RAW drives.

These specialists use complicated and sophisticated tools and techniques that are unavailble to the public.

Do a quick google search and you will find hundreds of services near you. But always use reliable, genuine, and reputable services.

The next section explains some of the most common reasons why you drive or partition become RAW. 

Why My Hard Drive Show as Raw Partition?

Here in this section, we will see various factors that caused the hard drive to show as a raw partition:

Virus Invasion: Viruses and malware are the most common reasons for data loss. Surfing the internet without the protection of an Anti-virus may lead to data loss or data corruption.

System Reinstallation: System Reinstallation is a relatively safe process if the new system software is incompatible with the old and stored data. You can expect to see several problems accessing your data.

Too Many Hard Drives And Partitions: while you can have more than one partition in a hard disk, each hard disk has a varying limit depending on the size and the amount of data already stored. Too many partitions may overload the hard disk and cause you to lose data.

Corrupted Partition Table: Your hard disk stores a lot of essential data; amongst that, the partition table stores the partition data; the table is responsible for maintaining the partition data on your hard disk. If those tables got damaged or corrupted in any way, you would lose access to the data within those partitions.

File System structural damage: The file system is integral to RAW partitioning. So even the slightest damage might have significant consequences.


Here we end our article, where we have discussed in depth “how to recover data from RAW drive.” In addition to the solutions that range from free to paid, from easy-to-use and quick to time-consuming and tedious. I have explained some of the most common reasons your drive or partition turns RAW.

I am hopeful that this article was helpful in the RAW file system data recovery process.