How to Corrupt a Word Document?

Looking to corrupt a Word Document? Do not worry, using this article you will be able to corrupt your Word file before your deadline no matter how close. The reviewer will be able to receive your file but won’t be able to open it! For the best possible results, make sure to use the corrupt Any File online tool!

A corrupt Word document will appear as a healthy file and can be sent and received like so. But you will be unable to open it or view any of its contents. If you are looking to corrupt your Word document to achieve similar results then look no further for this article will provide all the information you need.

Properties of corrupted Word Documents:

They appear to be healthy files at a glance: Corrupt Word Files can be stored and moved around like regular files. You can accidentally send or download corrupted Word documents via mail without knowing.

Corrupted Word Documents are unusable: They cannot be worked upon or edited in any way.

Corrupted Word Documents are not openable: Usually, when you try to open a corrupted Word Document, you will be displayed with a pop-up error window informing you of your Word document’s corrupted status.

3 Ways to Corrupt a Word Document

Disclaimer: Make sure to create a backup copy of your file before corrupting. In most cases, corrupting your Word File might be irreversible. While Professional data recovery software does exist, they are usually optimized for repairing naturally corrupted files and may not be as effective if the file is artificially corrupted.

create-a-copy-of your-word-file

1. Corrupt your Word Document Using an Online File Corrupter

Using an online file corrupted is a very reliable option. You are not only assured that your file will get corrupted, but you will also save the hassle of doing it yourself! We have an incredible online Word file corrupter tool known as Corrupt Any File. You can use it to corrupt files for free!


2. Corrupt your Word Document Using NotePad

Notepad Is more than just a place to jot down ideas and reminders. We can also corrupt Word files using Notepad and it is extremely easy!

  • Create a backup copy of your Word file. (as a precaution)
  • Right-click on your Word file and select Open With Notepad.
  • Lines of illegible characters will be displayed. Deleted a line or two and saved it.
  • When you try to open the freshly corrupted Word document, you will be greeted with error messages.

Corrupt your Word Document Using Hex Editor

A hex editor is a program that will allow you to view and edit the binary data of your Word File. let me show you how-

  • Create a backup copy of your Word file. (safety first!)
  • Download a Hex editor.
  • Open your Word file using the hex editor.
  • After opening, you will see the entire Word document shown in Binary.
  • Make sure to delete a few numbers and save.
  • The next time you try to open the Word file, you will see error messages pop up instead of contents.


I hope that you were easily able to corrupt your Word document. Always remember to create a backup copy of your Word document before corrupting it to prevent any chances of accidentally losing important data. The above steps are not exclusive to Word and can be used to corrupt any file type. If you have any feedback or related queries, please feel free to reach out.