Fix Grayed Out Files and Folders on Mac

You have been through many problems while working on your Mac, like files getting deleted accidentally, formatting a partition by mistake, losing files while transferring them to another storage drive, and so on. But you are stuck with a new problem now! Some of the folders and files on Mac have grayed out, and you are not able to access them. You don’t know how to fix the issue.

Usually, files and folders are displayed in Mac Finder app in the regular black font. But when the folders and files are grayed out in Mac finder, then you cannot move/delete those files and folders. They cannot be accessed either. Why does this happen?

Grayed out folders and files occur when copying files/folders from one location to another, especially when copying them from network drives or to network drives. Grayed out files and folders will be dated as ’24 January 1984′. This indicates that the files and folders have been grayed out. So the next question us how to fix grayed out folders and files on Mac? We tell you how. Just follow the steps below to easily fix grayed out files and folder on Mac –

  • Open Mac Finder, go to the grayed out folder/file. If the file or folder is dated as 24 Jan, 1984 i.e. ’24 January 1984 error’. If yes, then go to the next step.
  • Go to Applications, open Terminal app
  • Now type “SetFile -d 27/07/2012 /path/to/your/grayed/out/folder_or_file” and tap on return

The date of the folder or the file will now change to 27/07/2012 (or the date which you have chosen). That is it. Your folder or file is not gray anymore. It turns black.

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