How Do I Play A MOV File in Windows?

The .mov is the Apple’s proprietary video container. MOV files are meant for QuickTime player. But, it doesn’t mean, you cannot play MOV videos in Windows.

How Do I Play A MOV File in Windows?

Steps to Play MOV File on Windows Media Player:

Step 1: Open Windows Media Player.

Step 2: Go to File, scroll down and opt Open.

Step 3: Find the MOV file, select it and hit Open button.

MOV files are not supported by Windows Media player in earlier versions of Windows (before Win 7). If your Windows Media player is failing to play MOV videos, then install a codec that allows you to files in your Windows Media Player.

Steps to Play MOV File in VLC:

Step 1: Open VLC, go to Media menu and click on Convert/Save.

Step 2: Use Add button and select the MOV video file.

Step 3: Mention destination folder and a new name for the video file in Target file.

Step 4: From Profile, select the target file format from the list.

Step 5: Choose supported video and audio codecs and access advanced options. like resolution, framerate, audio quality, etc.

Step 6: After choosing all settings, hit Start button to begin the conversion process.

The VLC player saves the input MOV file in the specified format at the selected folder.

Newer MOV files with h.264 video codec and AAC audio stream plays without any issue in VLC. However, older MOV videos which include Apple’s QuickTime codec may fail to play.

Steps to Play MOV Using Windows QuickTime:

Step 1: Download and install QuickTime for Windows

Step 2: After installation, go to Start menu.

Step 3: Go to Programs and search QuickTime.

Step 4: Once you got, click on QuickTime Player.

Step 5: Go to QuickTime File and select Open.

Step 6: Browse and select the MOV file or drag it onto QuickTime.

Note: In case, your MOV file is not playing on Windows Media Player, VLC player or even in QuickTime player then it seems the video file is corrupted. If so, then grab an effective MOV Repair tool like Yodot MOV Repair and fix the broken MOV video. Then, try to play it.